Buying a Hotel (for LGBT Teens) – Happiness, Peace, and Dreams, 032916

Here’s someone who sees a need and has an intriguing solution.

I have found a hotel in Limon, it is pretty cheap, but will need a lot of work. So much that no bank will loan to me, so I have to pay all in cash.

The hotel itself is 30K and it will take maybe 30K in repairs, (maybe even more)

I want to take this hotel and turn it into a charity/non profit, a halfway house for the LGBT community. I want to be able to offer gay teens a place to live if they have issues with their family when they come out, instead of ending up homeless. It is in a small town between Kansas and Denver, and it will offer a place for people who need to get started. There is a large truckstop near by as well, and I am working with the management to help find these people jobs.

So right now, I am just looking for assistance getting this up and running so I can help the community.

Everything I get will go into getting this up and running, and there will be a full record of everything I spend and where everything goes to get it up and running.

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