It Figures: Episode I, The Parental Menace – Happiness, Peace, and Dreams 032516

Happiness, Peace, and Dreams is about a lot of things. Helping people through hard times, making dreams come true, or just bringing some more happiness into the world. Here’s something that made Chris Hussey (of Fear the Boot fame, among other activities) put together this awesome short film featuring his old Star Wars action figures!

From Chris –

Happy to send you a suggestion. It’s a short film I made. This isn’t a Fear the Boot production – just something I did on my own (much like the Gamers Behaving Badly audio comedy show).

Anyway, the film is called “It Figures: Episode I – The Parental Menace.”

Basic synopsis:
What do your Star Wars action figures do in their freetime? Play role-playing games of course. In this episode, Luke & Leia’s father expresses concern over his kids’ hobby, so they invite him to sit in on a tabletop RPG session.

It features voice acting from people involved with the ‘Gamerstable‘ RPG podcast as well as the ‘Campaign‘ RPG podcast.

Not sure which category this would fit in, as it’s not a direct gaming product or a kickstarter. Perhaps “Happiness?” It made me happy producing it.

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