TerraTiles: Tundras, Wastelands, & Caverns – Kickstarter Pick, 032416

My dear friend, Shawn Gore, is a huge fan of the TerraTiles terrain system, and for good reason. Here’s their latest set!

A 3-in-1 Tabletop Terrain System for Miniature Games, Wargames, and RPGs – features a winter tundra, war-torn wasteland, and cavern.

TerraTiles is a modular, tabletop terrain system that transforms your table into a dramatic and exciting gaming environment. The Tundras & Wastelands boxed set features three unique environments for your battles: a harsh but beautiful winter tundra with its first snows, a chaoticwasteland depicting a bleak and war-torn environment, and an eerie cavern that features winding passageways to create underground labyrinths.

  • Large 9 inch tiles make setting up a map quick and easy.
  • Hundreds of gamers gave us feedback on the development of this set, making it the terrain that you want.
  • The tiles fit together in any orientation, giving you maximum versatility in your setups.
  • TerraTiles is compatible with any game, genre, or scale.

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