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This is from my friend, Laura Haywood-Cory, about a mutual friend from when I lived in the Raleigh, NC area. So Triangle folks, especially, this is a chance to help one of your own.

From Laura –

Hey Sean,

I don’t know if this exactly fits in with your “Making Dreams Happen” push, but I’m sending it along anyway.

Do you remember Betty Adorno of Raleigh Creative Costumes? RCC had to close its doors a few years ago and Betty has, like a lot of us, been struggling. Now her mom has pancreatic cancer and it’s terminal. Betty and her sister are raising money to care for their mom, and for travel expenses so Betty and her niece and nephew can travel to NY to be with her.

From the site

My mother Laura Mata has been battling pancreatic cancer for two and half years. The cancer has gotten to the point where there is no more treating it.  Betsy and I are now between a rock and a hard place.  Medicare only gives us 3 hours of nursing care 5 days a week. And Medicaid which covers long term will no longer give us care because my mother is now considered hospice.  We could go back and apply for long term but that could take up to 2 months. Of course then that would leave us with no in home help.  Either one of us of both us taking turns may have to take time off of work to care for her. We want her at home with the best quality of life she can have for the time she has left.  That mean we are going to need help with expenses.  Beyond medical expenses we have to figure travel expenses for me and the money we are both going to lose to have to take care of her. Both our budgets are tight and we need to work make ends meet.  People have already given us so much that is difficult to ask for more help but at this point we really don’t know what else to do.  If you can donate a little something every little bit helps. Thank you.

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