Badass Zombie Killers – Sean’s Pick, 032316

This one’s by Lee Garvin (of Tales From the Floating Vagabond fame*), and it’s one of those great games for those nights when the GM just doesn’t feel like running, but you really want to hack some stuff up anyway.

(*) – Yes, he’s still a good ways behind on the 2nd Edition; buying this helps, because the guy’s had some rough medical roads he’s walked down.

The Zombie Apocalypse is here!

Now, you and your friends must gather whatever weapons you can. But it’s not enough to just grab a weapon: you’ve got to make it Badass!

It’s not about killing Zombies; it’s about looking Awesome while you do it.

Why settle for a Machete when you can wield Laser-Guided Machete-Chuks! And hey, is that a Katana? No, It’s a Black Market Gas-Powered Katana!

Badass Zombie Killers is a stand-alone card game of Zombie Attack Preparedness for 2 to 6 players, full of One-upsmanship and Backstabbing.

You know; with your friends.

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