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My friend Randy Oest did a Very Cool Thing(tm) to help FATE and other GMs who run non-initiative driven games better organize the table each turn.

Turn Tracker cards are an easy way to track who has (and who hasn’t) taken a turn in your game. These are useful for any RPG system!

How To Use

Each player gets a Ready for Action!/Done card and places it with Ready for Action! face up. Opponents get assigned either Big Bad, Bad Guys (A), Minions (B), Lackeys (C), or Flunkies (D).

Give the first player the Active Player card. Once that player has taken their turn they flip their card over to show the Done side face up and pass the Active Player card to the next player.

Included cards (13 in total)

  • One (1) title card with rules on the back
  • One (1) Active Player card
  • Six (6) Ready for Action!/Done cards for players
  • One (1) Big Bad card
  • One (1) Bad Guys (A) card
  • One (1) Minions (B) card
  • One (1) Lackeys (C) card
  • One (1) Flunkies (D) card

All the Things! The curious, awesome, terrifying, impossible Things! For your The Strange campaigns, or any Cypher-driven games where you would like to have such wonders.

Mjölnir, the hammer of Thor. Aladdin’s lamp. Excalibur. You know they’re out there.

They await discovery: Items of power, both legendary and forgotten, forged by the same mythology and fiction that spawned the recursions in which they lie. What would you do with a lich’s phylactery, the ring of Odin, a vorpal sword, the spellbook of Thoth, or the picture of Dorian Gray? What would Earth’s enemies do with these powerful, mythic items if they were brought into our world?

The Encyclopedia of Impossible Things includes:

  • More than 400 new cyphers.
  • More than 250 new artifacts.
  • Scores of artifacts made famous by the mythology and fiction that gave life to their recursions, plus dozens of emergent artifacts that were created or evolved within the Shoals of Earth or the Strange itself.
  • Rules for personal recursions for player characters, including a sheet you can use to design and maintain your very own recursion.

For those who wish to return to Middle Earth, and ride among the great Horse-lords of Rohan, the time has come and the call to battle is heard!

South along the Great River Anduin, beyond the southernmost peaks of the Misty Mountains, lies the land of Rohan. Here dwell the Rohirrim, the swift sons of Eorl who descended from the North centuries ago to settle in the land of Calenardhon. Known also as the Riders of the Mark, they are proud warriors and riders, ready to defend the Free Peoples against the threats arising in the twilight of the Third Age.

Horse-lords of Rohan details the Rohirrim, describing their history and their lands, as well as introducing rules for two new cultures, the Riders of Rohan and the Dunlendings. Also included are rules for handling horses, riding in combat and horse-breeding. As well as the lands of Rohan, this supplement also details the ancient Forest of Fangorn, shedding light on its mysterious inhabitants, the Ents and terrible Huorns; the folk of the Dunland Fells; and the Tower of Isengard and the machinations of the White Wizard, Saruman. It is an indispensable resource for Loremasters looking to take their game into a whole new region.

Ride with the Eorlingas on the plains of Westemnet, enter the Golden Hall of Edoras, and climb the Burg at Helm’s Deep!

It’s a personal trip in the Wayback Machine for me today. Brett Bernstein of Precis Intermedia kindly alerted me to his posting up of a book I had the pleasure of working on many years back for the Shatterzone RPG (something my dear friend, Shane Hensley, had a hand in creating). GearTech is a really cool sourcebook even if you’re not playing the original game.

You’re only as good as your gear!

Bringing the right weapon for the job means living yet another day. Gearing up with the wrong tools could very well leave you in the vacuum of space — or worse.

This book provides new weapons, armor, robots, cyberware, bioware, skillsofts, and other gear — everything you need for survival. It even adds new vehicles to get you where you are going — and maybe even back again. Two complete mini-adventures are also included.

This classic scanned reprint combines Arsenal™ and Hardwear/Softwear™ into a single volume. It requires the Shatterzone™ core rules (either the original boxed set or classic reprint).

This is by far one of the more interesting promotions DriveThruRPG‘s pulled off in a long while. I’ll let Scott Holden, who brings you the DriveThruRPG Newsletter every week, explain it for you –

You may have noticed a new banner on our site this week for the “Complete Your Collection” promotion. If you haven’t seen it, or if you’re not sure what it’s all about, let me break it down!

Until next Thursday, February 25, if you already own at least one title from any participating bundle on our store, you can buy any other title in that bundle for its bundle price rather than its usual store price. To put it another way, you can “finish off” any participating bundle without having to buy duplicate copies of titles you already own.

So go ahead: Complete Your Collection on thousands of bundled titles and product lines, all this week!

I don’t do much in the way of editorializing here, but today’s Pick is as much a statement about a certain recent interview as it is a solid product that exemplifies the awesome work of Onyx Path Publishing. The interview in question features the man who’s taken over White Wolf, and he had some fairly “interesting” things to say about the work of folks I hold in high regard. Join me in showing support for the folks who’ve been carrying the torch into the Darkness all this time.

Does the mouse in the maze think:

“Today I shall try a different route. Go left instead of right. Chew through a wall. Refuse to run.”?

Does it? I think not. 

I think the mouse runs because it only knows the maze. It follows the corridors like a charge following a circuit.

It knows all routes lead to the same end.

You know it, too. You left, but you’ll come back. This is your end”.

– The Triptych, Messenger Angel

The Demon Storyteller’s Guide includes:

  • Expanded information on angels, including a look at how Incarnations apply to them
  • A extensive look at the spy genre and its permutations and how they apply to Demon
  • Three “setting hacks,” including an examination of Demon in the Bronze Age

Note: This is the Advance PDF and we will be collecting errata and correcting the PDF and preparing the Print On Demand versions afterwards. Purchasers of the Advance PDF will automatically get the final version of the PDF added to their Library.

The PoD version will be available soon, and purchasers of the Advance PDF will receive a discount on the print version equal to the PDF+PoD combo discount.

This week is starting off pretty Savage, I will admit. This is a great new release from Melior Via, featuring the work of my friend and Evil Beagle Games partner, Ross Watson. Return to the Accursed land of Morden to learn much more of the world…

Valkenholm’s history began as a colony of Steppengrad, but they soon outgrew the Tsar and his Grafs. Ever since it became independent, the two nations have maintained a strong rivalry. In the wake of the Bane War, both countries struggle to survive. Their homes were the core battlefront. Their land was devestated and countless lives lost. Now, they soldier on under the tyranny of the Blood Witch and Baba Yaga.

Frost and Fang provides additional information about the nations of Steppengrad and Valkenholm within Accursed’s setting of Morden. It includes a broad range of different adventure hooks for GMs and players looking to explore these specific regions. It also introduces new banes as well as Hindrances and Edges specific to these cultures.

Accursed provides additional details about the setting used in this scenario, and is required to fully make use of the game mechanics presented. Savage Worlds and the Savage Worlds Horror Companion are also required.

This is going to be one of the biggest years ever for Pinnacle and Savage Worlds, and fans have a lot to be excited about. There’s so much going on, I wanted to be certain you realized just how much stuff is out for fans of the Rippers setting now! All that Kickstarted goodness is now up on the digital shelves!

Of course, with all that just now up and available, here comes Weird War I (and here’s a cool freebie, the Gas Terror, as a preview for this latest Savage Setting)!


Three years ago, Johann Van Helsing led the Rippers—an ancient organization dedicated to fighting evil—against the forces of the diabolical Cabal. At great cost to life, limb, and reason…they won. But in 1895 a new evil stirs in the dark of night, straining at the walls of its eternal prison. Its fiendish servants comb the globe, seeking a way to free their master and consume the world with shadows. Only the Rippers stand against them. But to triumph they must face their oldest nemeses…and their deepest fears!


Savage Mojo and Darren Pearce continue pouring out fantastic new content for the epic high fantasy setting that I created, Shaintar. This is one of the more anticipated books, not only because it delves into the subtly complex and unexpected society of the nation ruled by the forces of Darkness, but for the capacity to play one of the enigmatic and surprising shayakar, who live their lives drawn through Shadow into Darkness.

Shaya’Nor. This guidebook will teach you the history of the one-time Dwarven kingdom that is now home to the Corrupted Fae, Vainar the Wise and his Necrolords.  The Dark Church is the only religion and all must show their belief or suffer a horrible fate.  The undead serve in various roles with zombies tilling fields and hauling cargo and Vampires sitting atop the food chain…er, society.

Leave your superstitions at home and find the beauty within this bleak country. The Shayakeim are the lords and masters of the land, ruling over the Terraheim and the other races are little better than serfs.  Amongst the horror a few lights shine.  The Starwatchers are a strange and rebelious cult or perhaps powerful prophets who may be the key to Shaya’Nor’s salvation.  Politics here are deadly serious and death isn’t the worst thing that can happen to you.  Within these pages you’ll find everything you need to create a character from Shaya’Nor.  New racial and professional edges provide for interesting role playing options and GMs will find the history very revealing.  There’s even some secrets revealed.

Although I knocked a single one out yesterday, I can tell the rest of this week is going to have me running-and-gunning, so here’s the rest of the week’s Picks for you right up front –

CLASSifieds: The Technopath (PF)

For those who want to take their Pathfinder games into total sci-fi/fantasy mashup territory, here’s a great place to start.

Artificial intelligences—strange consciousnesses made of code—can lurk in the circuits and processors of robots and other fantastic technologies. When combined with the soul and arcane powers of a technopath, however, an AI can gain new ways to influence the material world around them, transforming into a new sort of entity: a technogeist. Capable of possessing robots, unlocking new powers in technology, and even manipulating reality from a virtual demiplane, this summoner alternate class is well suited to fantastic settings where iron robots and technological gods run rampant. 

New rules options, including new feats and a new robot, are compatible with the official Pathfinder Roleplaying Game rules for technology and compliment (but doesn’t require) Fat Goblin Games’ hit Call to Arms: Fantastic Technology.

Drakonheim: City of Bones

“Man, I’d like a cool city to run my [insert game system of choice] fantasy game in, but who has time to write something like that up?”

Here you go.

Why are we nicknamed the City of Bones?

People first started calling us that when the city’s founder killed the dragon Ignomia and used her bones to build the walls of Drakonheim.

It took on new meaning after the Empire fell. The marble palaces became skeletal remains of a dead civilization.

Now there is a third reason. The bones of the dead walk the street. Skeletons and zombies. Why don’t we fear them? We do, of course. But what choice do we have?

—Gavin Kipper, guide for hire

To save the city from disaster, Drakonheim made a deal with a cabal of necromancers. Now this cabal, the Gray Society, holds the real power in the city.

Drakonheim is a fantasy city full of intrigue and surrounded by dangers. Goblins dwell in the sewers, undead walk the streets, and aristocrats scheme for greater power. Hobgoblins ride across the northern plains, lizardfolk rule the southern swamps, and all manner of monsters hunt in the western mountains.

Drakonheim is a system-free setting; you can use it with any fantasy roleplaying game. It can serve as a quick stopping point, or as the center of an entire campaign.

Rifts World Book 13: Lone Star

The vast library of Rifts books are flying onto the digital shelves. If you’ve not checked all the latest offerings lately, you should. Those who are interested in my impending Savage Rifts project will seriously want to look into these books, because they contain so much awesome information that will add to your game, whichever system you’re using.

The Coalition State of Lone Star is a wild and woolly place of contrast and conflict. The Coalition States claims the entire State of Texas as their own, but they only control a small corner of it. It is here, at the Lone Star Complex, that the CS engages in genetic engineering and creates the famous Dog Boys and a host of other mutants. The rest of the state is held by the Pecos Empire – an empire of bandits, outlaws and rebels. The perfect companion to Rifts® New West™, Rifts® Spirit West™ and Rifts® Machinations of Doom™.

  • 19 R.C.C.s, many of which are mutants.
  • A few new O.C.C.s.
  • Dog Boys – an in-depth look at how they are designed, bred and trained.
  • Dog Boy armor and CS weapons.
  • CS Death Wing assault armor.
  • Hover cycles of the Lone Star State.
  • Notable characters in the region.
  • Overview of Lone Star and the Pecos Empire.
  • Overview of the Lone Star Complex and the mad doctor who runs it.
  • A wealth of background material and adventure ideas.
  • 176 pages by Kevin Siembieda.

Frozen Castle – Expanding Tyranny of Dragons (5e)

The final Pick is from the Dungeon Masters Guild (and remember, this is part of the DriveThruRPG network of sites, so your same login and account will take care of you there, too). Here’s Kobold Press‘ expansion for Hoard of the Dragon Queen.

Tyranny Expanded: A Return to Skyreach Castle! 

The loss of Skyreach Castle in Hoard of the Dragon Queen was a major setback to the Cult of the Dragon, but still only a setback. The cult is determined to retake the castle and claim Tiamat’s lost treasure buried in its frozen walls and cloudstuff vaults, but they aren’t the only ones. Giants and creatures of the frozen wastes wish to claim that wealth themselves!
This 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons adventure is designed for 10th- and 11th-level characters, and is set in the Forgotten Realms.