Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff – Happiness, Peace, and Dreams 022916

My effort to support the Happiness, Peace, and Dreams of others starts full time this week, and we open with a Patreon for the efforts of Robin D. Laws and Kenneth Hite to continue sharing their unique insight and powerful chemistry via podcast and other media.

We’re writers and game designers Robin D. Laws and Kenneth Hite. Since 2012 we’ve been releasing weekly episodes of our two-time ENnie award winning podcast, Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff. We’ve always taken donations to support the show. Or rather, to prevent us from ever doing the math that shows how much time we spend on it compared to the many other items on our respective pressing schedules. We love doing the show and want it to go on for as long as you want to keep listening. So now in response to popular demand we’ve brought our donation bucket over here to Patreon.

Should you rain your estimable patronage upon us in sufficient numbers, we’ll be able to do some other cool stuff, too.

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