MechaWest – Kickstarter Pick, 022516

I am trying to get back to using this to Pick out cool Kickstarters again, and here’s today’s Kickstarter Pick –

The RPG of mecha steam engines, smoke stacks, shoulder mounted cannons and cavalry sabers bigger than barns!

MechaWest is full of clockwork and steampunk mecha fighting it out in the Weird West, an alternate history of gunslingers, lawmen, tribal nations and mecha engineers of every color and creed. With MechaWest, you can duel mecha pistols at dawn, rob banks in transforming trains, and battle clockwork dragons or town eating robots.

Even better, this is a standalone Core Rule book. Mecha is not needed to play.

This book is the brain child of acclaimed authors Ed Erdelac and Jeff C. Carter.  They approached Heroic Journey Publishing with this amazing idea and we have spent the last 3 years developing it into MechaWest. The writing is done.  All it needs is art and layout.

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