Aaron Allston’s Strike Force

Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends and Fans of RPGs,

It’s time. It’s time to support a project that represents the very best of who we are and where we came from. A project that celebrates a fantastic mind and great human being, taken away from us far too soon.

It’s time to get on board with the Kickstarter for Aaron Allston’s Strike Force, a combination revival of his most important work in the RPG field and a tribute to a fine man and immense talent.

Take a look at the very first book ever published that not only described an established campaign – one of the most famous in superhero gaming – it showed us how to set up and run something that was more than a series of interesting fights and challenges. Through Aaron’s wisdom and words, we first learned how to really master the game and run a campaign.

This new edition not only includes numerous tributes to the man from industry greats past and present, it also dramatically updates his original work. Aaron always wanted to do a new version, and Michael Surbrook has done an incredible job taking the vast amount of added material Aaron had saved up and working it into this wholly new book.

Join High Rock Press, Evil Beagle Games, and a galaxy of gaming stars in celebrating this great man and good friend.

Be a hero, and join Aaron Allston’s Strike Force!

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