Now Playing in Theaters: Far-Away Galaxies (Retrostar) – Sean’s Pick, 012516

Retrostar is a game that takes you to the great days of 70’s and early 80’s sci-fi television, in that inestimable genre-savvy way that Spectrum handles everything they touch. Just like J.J., now they want to take you to Far-Away Galaxies on the big screen!

With this supplement, Retrostar makes the leap from the television screen to the silver screen! Within these pages, you’ll find:

• A modified time management system!

• Character creation adjustments!

• Game rules that more accurately portray the big-screen adventures, including on-the-fly SFX, injuries, “Act 3” Showrunner Characters, Teasers and more!

• Rules for using Intentions as “saving throws”, which can also be used for normal games of Retrostar as well!

• Sample SFX, including Light Swords and Cosmic Mind Powers!

• A modified character sheet!

• Amazing new art by Brent Sprecher!

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