Quill – Sean’s Pick, 010816

If your soul is stirred by the concept of using beautiful and effective language in writing, I’ve discovered a gift just for you. I’ve also discovered quite possibly one of the most original ideas I’ve ever encountered for a game – a solo-player game, at that! To get an understanding of just what it is – and what it can produce as a result of playing – check out this review.

It’s Pay What You Want, so you really have very little to lose. Just remember, as with all PWYW products, you should feel free to “buy it again” in order to support the creator if you discover it’s worth more than what you paid the first time.

To whom it may concern,

Quill is a solo roleplaying game with a twist. Instead of hacking goblins and looting caves, you are writing letters. Rather than having attributes like strength or dexterity, characters in Quill use Penmanship, Language and Heart. 

In a game of Quill you will write real letters, with the aim to craft the best, most beautiful missive possible in order to get a favourable response. You will use words from the Ink Pot to inspire your letter – but be warned, should you roll badly you could end up writing a bad letter. 

If you’re looking to kill some time, Quill is a perfect roleplaying distraction and something completely different from anything else out there. 

Due to the lovely response to the game online, Quill is now a living document. New scenarios will be added on a fairly regular basis.

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