Hc Svnt Dracones: Core Extended – Sean’s Pick, 010516

I’ve played this game, and while it has some interesting, mechanically-fiddly things going on that aren’t my normal cup of tea (remember, I am a Savage Worlds kind of guy, so more complex rules sets aren’t my usual first choice), I readily see how the setting and experience is compelling. The game-setting has a legion of fans, in great part due to being something both unique and effective in a hobby where it pays to stand apart from the crowd.

HC SVNT DRACONES: Core Extended brings your HSD game up to the next level. Contained within this book are over two dozen new playable character options, new surgeries, new focus abilities and implants, additional playable races beyond Vectors, and lore detail to help players and Guides alike get a better grip on their world. All these features can slot into existing HSD games to provide greater depth and variety to your gameplay.

Core:Extended is an expansion to the HC SVNT DRACONES role playing game, and as such you will require the core rulebook to play. Rules included in C:E can be applied to existing campaigns immediately with no need to make new characters (though with all the new options, you may want to just to be someone new!) C:E also includes the C:E combat addendum, which changes the way combat works in HSD. 

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