Fantasy 6×6 Tiles – Sean’s Bonus Pick, 010116

And, as promised, today’s Bonus Pick, DramaScape’s hugely versatile downloadable figure-scale terrain maps. Usable for real tables and virtual ones, this set is under that amazing Pay What You Want scheme that let’s you grab the lot for what you feel it’s worth (and what you can afford).

Just a wine cellar? Sure. But I have heard the screams at night. There is more to that cellar than at first glance.”—The Butler

 Fantasy Tiles includes six unique modular 6” x 6“ tiles with two doors that can be used to make a small dungeon in fantasy games.

 Fantasy Tiles is intended for use in fantasy, horror, or medieval historical era games.

 Adventure hook for use with this map:

 What Lies Beneath: Attending a party at a rich noble’s mansion, the group enjoys a fully catered dinner, plenty of wine and ale, and entertainment. In a lull in the festivities or a trip to the bathroom, the butler tries to speak with one of the Player Characters in private. The butler wants them to investigate the wine cellar below. He says he hears screams at night when grabbing wine or ale from the cellar.  

It’s up to the Player Character to tell the group and investigate or ignore the butler’s request.

 As the party continues, more and more people start falling asleep as they consume more and more of the food and drink. Even the group starts to feel tired and sleepy. With each new slumbering guest, it becomes harder to slip away from the party.

 Eventually even the group succumbs to unconsciousness…

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