Set Rising (SW) – Sean’s Pick, 121615

There are times I like to do a callback to an older product, falling into the “In Case You Missed It” Category. At the same time, I’ve got many publishing friends who ask for a bit of extra love on something they felt might have been missed. This is one of those Picks, and I stand by it because the entire premise is cool as all get out and it slides ever-so-nicely into a little something I am working on, as well. 😉

The scheming god Set has built a dark mirror of the Egyptian empire. His minions raid the mortal realms, enslaving humans to construct impossible pyramids for an evil purpose. Worse, they’re invading alternate realities too. Someone has to hunt them down, and the techno-Egyptian god Ra is looking for a group of demigods who are up for the task.

Across the universe, the future is about to be Set.

Set Rising is part of the Suzerain Continuum.

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