Building an Elder God – Sean’s Pick, 112615

My Belovedest, Carinn, suggested I pick a “Family” game, in honor of today being Thanksgiving in the U.S..

This wonderfully bizarre game from my good friend, Jamie Chambers, fits the bill… kinda. Well, for geeky families, anyway.

Some Assembly Required …

Some may call you a “cultist.” “Insane” is another word that gets tossed around. But they don’t know what you know. And they will be sorry. With only a little forbidden knowledge and just the right materials you can re-create a cosmic horror in your own backyard. Just start with a body and keep adding on until it attains enough mass to grow a head with its horrifying, malformed maw. Boy will they be sorry!

One problem. Some of your “insane cultist” friends worked with you to obtain the forbidden knowledge, and they’ve got it into their heads to grow their own monstrosities. No way are you going to let those morons grow a tentacled beast to completion before you! Thankfully your friends Smith and Wesson and a burlap sack full of shotgun shells are on standby. Blowing off the odd tentacle will slow down the competition, and if anyone damages your slimy baby, the power of Necronomicon can be called forth to heal a boo-boo or two. Your Elder God shall rise first, no matter the price!

Building an Elder God is a fast-paced card game of Lovecraftian construction for 2-5 players, ages 8 and up. Each turn you may place cards to complete your tentacled monster, damage another player’s creature, or heal damage of your own. The first player with a complete monster wins the game! A game lasts an average of 15-30 minutes, depending on the number of players.

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