Impossible Vehicles (Cypher) – Sean’s Pick (Part I), 112415

Yesterday got completely away from me, and thus it was much too late by the time I could have posted a Pick and give it the full measure of view it deserves. So you get two today, including this latest supplement from Monte Cook Games for The Strange setting – Impossible Vehicles.

Recursions within the Strange are seeded by fiction, imagination, and myth—stories. And stories sometimes feature vehicles, often vehicles that are practically iconic to their settings. Star fighters. Flying carpets. The Argo. Vehicles large enough to host the PCs through the bulk of their adventures are especially likely to be seeded into the Strange.

This fractal brings you a sampling of vehicles presented as artifacts, both minor and major. Of course, any time characters ride in vehicles, there’s a chance for a chase or a fight, so we’ve also included rules for vehicle combat.

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