Shaintar Black Lantern Report: Camden (SW) – Sean’s Pick, 112015

Today, I am exceedingly proud to announce the first release written by my dear friend, Shawn Gore. It’s the latest in the now-rapidly releasing series of Shaintar setting books flowing out of Savage Mojo, and it takes a long, interesting look at a place I’ve always called “Snakes Den,” with very good reason…

The Black Lantern Society is at it again!

This time they’re reporting on the city of Camden, known to most of Shaintar as the Snakes Den.  This report will give both GM’s and players a solid background for creating characters and NPC’s from these vicious streets filled with greed and politics.  

You’ll learn about several groups that live and work within the streets and we’ve also provided you with several new edges and other rules stuff to get started.  The intrigue can get deadly and its worth your life to gain the attention of the wrong people.  The Black Lanterns hope to find information to help them gain the trust of Camden in order for it to sign the Grey Ranger’s charter.  They’ve not succeeded…yet!

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