Teach Your Kids to Game Week – Sean’s Pick, 111315

When I first met Carinn, my Belovedest, her then-eight-year-old daughter, Samantha, expressed a very early interest in participating in the RPGs we played frequently in the home with others. We instructed Sammi that she would only be allowed to join in if she was willing to delve into the necessary math involved. Up to that point, Carinn had experience great difficulty getting her daughter to embrace math in any way, and the young girl struggled mightily.

Today, my teenage daughter Sammi is a top math student, also deeply enmeshed in S.T.E.M. programs with a keen interest in forensic science currently. All thanks to her desire to game with us, and her deep enjoyment of it once she got involved. I can think of no greater testimony to the power of getting the kids in your life to join you at the game table than that. I am very, very proud of the part I played in helping to create and launch Teach Your Kids to Game Week.

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