Cartoon Action Hour: S3 Series Pack – Sean’s Pick, 111215

OK, seriously – this is entirely too good a deal for you to ignore! Even if you don’t have the core rules for Cartoon Action Hour: Series 3 (and, really, why the heck not!?!), the wealth of awesome, fun material in this bundle – from some of the best writers and designers in our industry – is a total steal for the price of $16.95 (there’s well over $50 of material here)!

The entire Series 3 Bundle includes –

Crusaders of Sarillon by Steven S. Long
Punk Rock Saves the World by Matt Forbeck
Infinivaders by John Wick
Dark Brigade by Eddy Webb
The Mighty Mirror Masters by Jason L Blair
Hexslinger by Shane Hensley
Wasteland 2010 by Cynthia Celeste Miller
FLAG Force by Rob Wieland
Iron Wolves by Eddy Webb
Galactic Heroes by Cynthia Celeste Miller

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