White Lies (d20/OGL) – Sean’s Pick, 111115

Today’s Pick is driven primarily by one thing – the rather excellent letter sent out to folks by the creator. I am sharing that instead of the usual product page text.

Fellow Gamer,

Hi, I’m Bill Logan. Although I’m not a spy, nor do I play one on TV, I am a huge fan of espionage action and adventure. You’re receiving this email because through your download history at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow, you’ve shown interest in DwD Studios’ OSR (mostly Labyrinth Lord) and Covert Ops role-playing games. I wanted to reach out to you and let you know about our new lite offering, White Lies.

White Lies is an espionage action and adventure RPG. It embraces the Sword & Wizardry WhiteBox license and engine, creating a familiar and fully OSR compatible solution, all set in the fun shadowy world of spies. Due to this compatibility, you can play in or run any kind of campaign you can imagine. Use it alone for an experience like James Bond, Bourne Identity, Mission Impossible, Burn Notice, Man From UNCLE, Covert Affaire, A-Team, G.I. Joe, etc. Use it with your favorite OSR product for an experience like Men In Black, X-Files, Dresden Files, Underworld, Resident Evil, etc. Use it with White Star for an experience like Babylon 5, Star Trek Deep Space 9, or to add layers of espionage to any other space setting. The mix & match possibilities become endless.

I think you’ll really like the content, compatibility, and stylish appearance of White Lies. On its own or in conjunction with all the other OSR products out there, it’ll make a great addition to your OSR or modern espionage bookshelf. We’ve managed to keep the production costs low so the $8.99 title is affordable to any budget. The POD will be available soon as well, and will only be $13.99. As DwD Studios works diligently on Covert Ops 2nd Edition, FrontierSpace, Malevolent Domain, and other titles in development we have not yet disclosed, White Lies will be a parallel product line we’ll support and grow with.

And it’s all OGL-covered. That means YOU can make products for it and sell them. We’ve even made a nifty compatibility logo so you can show everyone it’s affiliation and usefulness to the product line by using our logo.

Whether you prefer your espionage action and adventure with d00’s or d20’s, there will be something for everyone in White Lies!

Kind regards,

Bill Logan

DwD Studios

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