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The nearly-unbelievable tide of Shaintar Guidebooks continues sweeping in with this latest book – Elvish Nation. Everything you’d want to know about Shaintar’s elvish population and culture, including some keen Edges and such. As with all the Shaintar books, anyone playing Savage Worlds fantasy and related genres will find a lot to add to their own games.

The sourcebook for Shaintar’s elves, Elvish Nation takes you deep through the forests of this proud and magical people. You’ll learn about the Unias, Quo-Unias and about the delicate balance between tradition and progress or the older Eldakar vs. the Alakar.  We’ll talk about everything from Architecture to Beliefs and rituals.  

There’s no nobles or peasants but there are terms given to certain people in this society and they’re here too. There’s also a number of NPCs and story hooks ready for a GM to use to enhance a campaign along with some new edges from the creator of this realm, Sean Patrick Fannon.

One of the most popular Savage Settings is back in a big way. Carrying on from the epic climax of the original Rippers storyline, this powerful update brings the latest developments in Savage Worlds to this dark, action-packed thrill ride.

At the Nineteenth Century’s end, a shadow lies upon Europe…and the world. The mythological creatures of the night—vampires, werewolves, and far worse—stalk the darkness seeking innocent blood. Only the Rippers, members of an ancient organization dedicated to fighting evil, stand against them. But to win this battle, the Rippers must use all their foes’ weapons against them…and preserve their own embattled sanity. It’s time to take back the night…again!
The Rippers Resurrected Player’s Guide contains everything players need to create the Ripper heroes who oppose evil’s machinations: information on the Victorian era, the various Rippers Factions and the frightening world they call home, new Hindrances and Edges, gear, and Setting Rules for Ripper Lodges, Reason, Status, and more. Newly revised rules for rippertech allow heroes to “rip” their enemies’ supernatural traits and graft them to other Rippers with greater ease than ever before.

My Belovedest, Carinn, suggested I pick a “Family” game, in honor of today being Thanksgiving in the U.S..

This wonderfully bizarre game from my good friend, Jamie Chambers, fits the bill… kinda. Well, for geeky families, anyway.

Some Assembly Required …

Some may call you a “cultist.” “Insane” is another word that gets tossed around. But they don’t know what you know. And they will be sorry. With only a little forbidden knowledge and just the right materials you can re-create a cosmic horror in your own backyard. Just start with a body and keep adding on until it attains enough mass to grow a head with its horrifying, malformed maw. Boy will they be sorry!

One problem. Some of your “insane cultist” friends worked with you to obtain the forbidden knowledge, and they’ve got it into their heads to grow their own monstrosities. No way are you going to let those morons grow a tentacled beast to completion before you! Thankfully your friends Smith and Wesson and a burlap sack full of shotgun shells are on standby. Blowing off the odd tentacle will slow down the competition, and if anyone damages your slimy baby, the power of Necronomicon can be called forth to heal a boo-boo or two. Your Elder God shall rise first, no matter the price!

Building an Elder God is a fast-paced card game of Lovecraftian construction for 2-5 players, ages 8 and up. Each turn you may place cards to complete your tentacled monster, damage another player’s creature, or heal damage of your own. The first player with a complete monster wins the game! A game lasts an average of 15-30 minutes, depending on the number of players.

It’s that time of year, when many are searching for the Christmas music channels, others are avidly trying to avoid them, and it seems like just about everything is on sale! Today, I’m pointing out three different sales destinations for you to explore from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

DriveThruRPG Black Friday Weekend Sale

25% off a whole [insert superlative and hyperbolic term for large amount here] of stuff!

Pinnacle’s Holiday Sale

As most of you know, Pinnacle VERY rarely has sales, but it’s time to clear some space for all the new stuff coming in 2016 and that means great deals for YOU!

You’ll find deep discounts on most everything, and SUPER deep discounts on our older titles. But that’s not all! You’ll also get:

Free Promo Adventure Deck Cards for any physical order over $50. It includes a set of the hard-to-find Promo Adventure Deck Cards from various conventions and promotions. Just use the coupon code promo50 during check-out, and the cards will be automatically added if you qualify.*

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Remember, this sale started at noon Eastern, November 24—but we figure the holidays don’t end anytime soon, so why should we? We’ll run this HUGE sale through December 15th at midnight Pacific. That gives you plenty of time to pick up presents for all the gamers on your list…starting with yourself!

The Savage Mojo Black Friday Sale

The Savage Mojo family wants to thank our fans. We posted notice of our sale last week but now it’s time to say Thank You! Every single person who sent us an email, asked a question through social media or talked to one of us at a convention is appreciated. We’re excited to go create because we want to make you happy.

Visit our website at: any time Friday or Saturday. Use the following discount code on checkout and enjoy 30% off our pdf products: Turkey15

[Note – This also includes all the Shaintar stuff!]

As promised, here’s a second Pick for today (making up for missing Monday). As you may have noticed, a lot more games from outside the United States are starting to appear here. With more nations gaining access to the powerful publishing aid that is Kickstarter, we’re getting to see the exceptional design, art, and creative aesthetics of so many from around the world manifest in ways that really stirs the imagination. This dark fantasy RPG from Sweden is a total package of design and setting that’s gaining a lot of attention.

“Twilight falls, Davokar darkens.” The goblin Fenya sounded calm, despite the flock of violings that swarmed eagerly around them – the nasty birds could predict bloodshed, they all knew that. Kvarek felt the sweat on his palms threaten his grip on the spear and shouted over his shoulder: “Magdala, faster!” The witch didn’t answer, lost as she was to the sinister harmonies of the ritual, her hands caressing the pillar’s grim stone face.

A loud rumbling echoed through the ruin, as if some giant creature had awoken and stood up from under layer upon layer of stone and soil. “The witch said that the abominations come out at night,” the goblin muttered. Kvarek’s knuckles whitened as he tightened the grip: “No, only that they are hungriest after dark. They are not afraid of the evening sun, and not of …” He was cut short by Magdala’s hoarse voice: “The pillar has answered. I know where to find the mausoleum.”

Then, out of the ruins, the Blight Beast came at them, massive and roaring. Its claws scraped the rocky ground, scouring out deep sores oozing pure corruption, leaving drops of black, mercury-like mildew on moss and stones in its wake.

“We cannot escape this,” said Fenya. Magdala nodded agreement. “Well then,” Kvarek sighed, “this is where we make our stand, for the right to the treasures of Symbaroum!”

Symbaroum invites you to join in the adventure! Explore the vast Forest of Davokar in the hunt for treasures, lost wisdoms and fame. Visit the eleven barbarian clans to trade or to plunder their treasuries. Establish a base of power among princes, guilds or rebellious refugees in the capital city of Yndaros. Or survive encounters with famished Arch Trolls, dark-minded Blight Beasts and undead warlords. But whatever you do, never ignore the warnings spoken by the wardens of the forest: tread carefully and do not disturb the ruins of old, for the dark deep of Davokar is about to awaken.

Yesterday got completely away from me, and thus it was much too late by the time I could have posted a Pick and give it the full measure of view it deserves. So you get two today, including this latest supplement from Monte Cook Games for The Strange setting – Impossible Vehicles.

Recursions within the Strange are seeded by fiction, imagination, and myth—stories. And stories sometimes feature vehicles, often vehicles that are practically iconic to their settings. Star fighters. Flying carpets. The Argo. Vehicles large enough to host the PCs through the bulk of their adventures are especially likely to be seeded into the Strange.

This fractal brings you a sampling of vehicles presented as artifacts, both minor and major. Of course, any time characters ride in vehicles, there’s a chance for a chase or a fight, so we’ve also included rules for vehicle combat.

Today, I am exceedingly proud to announce the first release written by my dear friend, Shawn Gore. It’s the latest in the now-rapidly releasing series of Shaintar setting books flowing out of Savage Mojo, and it takes a long, interesting look at a place I’ve always called “Snakes Den,” with very good reason…

The Black Lantern Society is at it again!

This time they’re reporting on the city of Camden, known to most of Shaintar as the Snakes Den.  This report will give both GM’s and players a solid background for creating characters and NPC’s from these vicious streets filled with greed and politics.  

You’ll learn about several groups that live and work within the streets and we’ve also provided you with several new edges and other rules stuff to get started.  The intrigue can get deadly and its worth your life to gain the attention of the wrong people.  The Black Lanterns hope to find information to help them gain the trust of Camden in order for it to sign the Grey Ranger’s charter.  They’ve not succeeded…yet!

Some things sell themselves on the imagined elevator pitch alone – “It’s like The Three Muskateers meets The Rocketeer.”

No, really, that’s exactly what this is!

Journey through the Holy Roman Stellar Empire and the worlds of Britannica Solaria in this Fate World of Adventure by PK Sullivan! The Queen’s enemies may have disbanded the Rocketeers, but duty cannot be set aside so easily.

A deadly cabal of nobles and clergy threaten to usurp Her Majesty Queen Marie-Hélène’s throne and hand Gallia over to Pope Regulus IV, and the Rocketeers now work from the shadows to protect the queen from threats both foreign and domestic. Foreign spies and papal agents lurk in every shadow as the trap draws ever closer.

A laser-sharp blade and even sharper wits will serve you well as interstellar powers play the game of puppets and shadows. The fate of the crown is in your hands.

The Three Rocketeers requires Fate Core to play. This 40-page supplement includes:

  • Rules for no-skill Fate, where aspects provide roll bonuses without invocation
  • Categorized aspect creation to help players create their characters quickly and get the most out of their invocations
  • A simple system to build flashy customized swordplay stunts
  • Conspiracy creation guidelines that integrate aspects and approaches to help direct the story
  • Ready-made characters based on the characters of Alexandre Dumas
  • A sample adventure: Battle for the Gallian Throne

The Three Rocketeers: All for one and one for all!

Over the last couple of days, folks have been celebrating just how many Picks of the Week I’ve posted over on ENWorld, for which I am grateful. Felt like today would be a good day to pick a classic D&D product, and Sabre River is one of the latest and greatest to get posted up on the digital shelves, featuring the writing and design skills of two of TSR’s best ever – Bruce Nesmith and Douglas Niles.

You are a guest of the count, one of your allies and the strongest man in the region. Your sojourn has been pleasant, a nice change after weeks of battle. Suddenly the courtyard below your window is filled with the noise of galloping horses. More guests?

You yawn as you look out. But these people arriving look more like tax collectors than guests. You decide to give your attention to something more interesting, like dinner.

Relax while you can, friend, because these new arrivals are about to lead you to a crimson sailor, a cozy Tower of Terror, and a river with an aching heart.

Sabre River includes a complete campaign setting, new NPCs, dungeon and wilderness encounters, and a mysterious story.

[Product History excerpts]

Exploring the Known World. “Sabre River” depicts (as you’d expect) the Sabre River, a long river in the lands of Norwold from CM1: “Test of the Warlords” (1984). Unfortunately the setup for the adventure also reveals its biggest problem: the River is assumed to be in the domain of a player, acting as a new domain-level problem for them … so the designers couldn’t explicitly define where the river fit in the lands of Norwold! Most fans have identified it as one of the two major rivers running south of the Alpha Peninsula, from the Wyrmsteeth Range to the Great Bay.

“Sabre River” also reveals additional historical information on Norwold. The adventure’s core problem is ultimately the result of a Alphatian invasion of Norwold that occurred sometime in the past.

NPCs of Note. The Crones of Crystykk, who debuted in CM1: “Test of the Warlords”, make a return visit here. They’re once more mysterious and cryptic.

Monsters of Note. “Sabre River” introduces one new monster, the Sabreclaw. It’s not a major D&D monster, as it’s only reappeared in various monster collections. Nonetheless, the sabreclaw is a notable addition to D&D lore because it’s a hive creatures that shares its hit points among a group — making it an early form of the swarms that became popular with the advent of D&D 3e (2000).

The visuals of DUST alone have long inspired me for my own Unending War setting (a mashup of Golden Age supers and Dieselpunk). I didn’t have the wherewithal to get into the miniatures game, but I am pretty excited about this being available as a way to delve further into this particular universe.

DUST Adventures RPG is a rules-light exciting roleplaying game set in Paolo Parente’s DUST Universe and inspired by the epic tales arising from the DUST Tactics miniatures game.

From the mind of Paolo Parente comes the world of Dust. Another Earth. A different 1947. The Second World War has raged for nearly a decade and its grip has spread to every continent on the planet. War has advanced swiftly and strangely in the Dust universe through the application of Alien VK technology, a limitless source of energy in its simplest form, and an unthinkable weapon in the wrong hands. Tanks have evolved into powerful combat walkers and rocket troops take to the skies. The latest laser cannons, phasers, and Tesla weapons rule the battlefield.

The core book features:

– Lots of never-before-seen information on the DUST universe – 216 pages of adventure!

– Full roleplaying rules using the DUST dice (or just six-sided dice) including simple character generation for classic archetypes such as soldiers, adventurers and scientists

– Guidance on how to run exciting roleplaying adventures in the DUST universe

– Details of new and existing organisations that the players can be working for or facing in the field

– How to use vehicles and walkers in your games

– Tons of plot seeds and much more

– Introductory Adventure, the prequel to Operation Apocalypse!

Use any of your DUST miniatures in the roleplaying game.