Shaintar: Dwarven Clanhomes (SW) – Sean’s Pick, 102715

Since the shift of the property from Evil Beagle Games to Savage Mojo, the manuscripts have been flying in at a lightning pace. Here’s a new Guidebook, the one for the Dwarves of Shaintar.

Welcome to Hearth, Home and Forge – your entrance to the Dwarven Clanhomes of Shaintar!

The song of the mountain calls you. What happens during marriage, birth or death ceremony? How do the craftmasters make such amazing stone and steel items?

What does a home look and feel like and how do they interact with magic?  These questions and more are answered here.  You’ll learn much about what life is like in a typical clanhome.  We talk about politics, family and even crime and punishment.  Follow us as we delve down deep into Iron Song, home of Clan Shalebreaker and learn about how this city works.  

An excellent addition to your Shaintar campaign, as well as for any Savage Worlds fan looking to add some new and fun material for their fantasy gaming.

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