The Battle for Whistle Reach Junction (SW) – Sean’s Pick, 102615

This just-in-time for Halloween adventure from Fabled Environments has a decidedly Deadlands kind of feel (and you could also use it in a Sixth Gun game just as easily). The ideal combination is the bundle that connects it to the map they designed for the setting.

The Battle for Whistle Reach Junction

It’s a well-known fact that evil men walk this earth; that foul beasts lurk just outside the light of the so called civilized world. Some even disguise themselves as part of the civilized world and walk in the light with the rest of us. What some folks don’t understand is that places, like people, can go bad too. Some places just see so much evil and soak up so much blood, that it gives birth to something heinous. Whistle Reach Junction is one of those places.

In this adventure, you take on the role of one of the people drawn to the town prior to its scheduled demolition. The town will not go gentle into that good night. In fact, if you don’t lay the town to rest, it will kill everyone.

This module is designed to use the “An Average Wild West Town” from Fabled Environments.


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