The Tekumel Sourcebook (D&D) – Sean’s Pick, 102215

I’m really glad to see more and more of Professor Barker’s exquisite Tekumel and Empire of the Petal Throne material finding its way to the digital bookshelves. There can be no arguing that every other fantasy game setting owes a large debt to his painstaking efforts to craft and present a world for others to tell their own stories within.

The Tekumel Sourcebook provides a wide-ranging survey of the World of Tekumel, specifically the Five Empires and surrounding lands as of 2358 A.S. – history, geography, customs, architecture, religion, magic, languages and much, much more!  An invaluable resource for players and gamemasters of Tekumel!

This is a reprint of the original Gamescience edition of the Tekumel Sourcebook, published in 1983 as a boxed set with maps as Swords & Glory, Volume 1.  The new printing includes an index and glossary, entirely new to this edition.  (The maps are sold separately.)

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