Tephra: The Steampunk RPG – Sean’s Pick, 101415

This one is really late today, folks, for which I apologize. Just getting settled into the hotel room at this year’s Con on the Cob, and while Carinn helps the con staff with early set-up, I am finally getting online to share today’s Pick. It looks like steampunk is going nowhere but onward to history, and here’s one of the more beautiful and intriguing entries into the genre, with a strong fan base.

Long requested, now available: the Tephra Playing Guide in PDF!
Tephra: the Steampunk RPG needs only a single book to be played: your Playing Guide. This 288-page book is gorgeous, with the award-winning Clockwork Roleplaying System and a ton of lore and art that makes Tephra a fan-favorite setting.
This book includes everything you need to play, from our rapid-fire character creation system to a full chapter on narrating and everything in-between. You’re going to get our line-up of unique races, crazy characters options, and the most in-depth and complete crafting system you’ll find anywhere. This book has everything you need for the most intoxicatingly exciting steampunk adventures you can dream up.
Inside, you’ll get:
  • The complete Clockwork Adventuring System, which uses only a single D12 to play
  • Freeform character creation is surprisingly easy but has near infinite options
  • 5 New Races unlike anything you’ve played before
  • A complete and robust crafting system, letting you build and customize your own firearms, gases, explosives, automatons, jetpacks, and more
  • Chapter on Lore and Narrating will get you into the action quick

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  1. Peter H. October 15, 2015 6:41 am  Reply

    Steampunk 🙂
    I like Steampunk so I shall definitely check this out!

    I am intrigued as to what they mean by ‘Freeform character creation’

    I’m thinking of a ‘clockpunk’ setting at some point for my own game ‘Fortunes Wheel’ (if the kickstarter gets funded), and that has a freeform character creation system – its essentially four elements for physical, emotional, mental and willpower/drive that you add to with tarot card draws to create back story for the character – its totally open. You can use the same system to create items, monsters, settings, whole stories…

    Do they really mean ‘freeform’ in that sort of sense or do they mean ‘classless’? If they really do mean freeform then I’m definitely interested! Right up my street.

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