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We step into the Wayback Machine today, for the cause of Doctors Without Borders (who receive all of the author proceeds). Marcus L. Rowland, a writer and designer with a very impressive list of accomplishments (especially in the vein of Victorian-era content across many systems), brought the 1884 fantasy/satire Flatland to gaming life with The Original Flatland Role Playing Game, and he’s now hoping you’ll take another look, both for the fun and brain-twisting aspects of the game, as well as to support one of the best (and, very recently, beleaguered) charities in the world.

From the Creator of Forgotten Futures and Diana: Warrior Princess…

Imagine a world of two dimensions and plane geometry, in which the very idea of height is considered insanity and the darkest heresy. Where the only thing that matters is the straightness of your sides and the regularity of your angles. Where the slightest deviation from the norm can lead to arrest, imprisonment, execution (and consumption by your peers) or a lingering death by starvation.

Welcome to Flatland. Enjoy your stay . . .

The Original Flatland Role Playing Game includes complete rules for a setting where characters are supposed to be two dimensional, with three adventures and four adventure outlines, a Flatland wargame by Matthew Hartley (Tusk, Aeronef, etc.), full-colour cut out character figures, extensive background material including the novelFlatland by Edwin A. Abbott, and much more. Best of all, by buying it you’re supporting charity:

All of the author’s income from this game is donated to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders)!

And be sure to check out The Forgotten Futures Compendium for a free Flatland adventure!


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  1. Marcus Rowland October 12, 2015 8:05 pm  Reply

    Many thanks!

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