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We have a regular gaming night at the local shop (Total Escape Games), called “Monday Night Savages.” Despite the name, we’ve begun incorporating numerous other systems, and this past Monday had me playing in Daniel Wong’s personal world, but using these rules. Honestly, I was dubious, but there’s some very interesting stuff going on here. The personal fortune aspect (derived from the tarot-like card draws you use for character creation) really impressed me. The game mechanics for combat were a bit fiddly and took some getting used to, but I admit I am interested to see where the game goes.

Control your destiny.

Journey Through the Breach into the world of Malifaux where steam power collides with magic, monsters, and steel. This Fated Almanac is the essential tome for players of the Through the Breach roleplaying game. It includes the core rules, as well as equipment, magic, and background information. Everything you need to become a power-mad Arcanist, lethal gunslinger, or a ruthless mercenary lies in these pages.

Are you prepared to forge your own destiny as one of the Fated? It’s time to cheat fate, or lose your soul… 

Two Pathfinder Picks in as many days? Well, I kind of had to with this one – it’s the Suzerain Continuum, now for Pathfinder! Take your PF campaign to the ends of every Earth, and walk the cosmos as demigods. Just don’t get cocky, because you can still get killed – and worse – out there.

So, you want to be a Demigod?

Choose a place, a cave, a town, a far-flung planet. Now choose a time, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, when aliens invaded our star sector… once again, anything goes. Now choose a genre, from horror to swashbuckling, steampunk to sci-fi, fantasy to fairytales….

Where your place, time and genre intersect, that’s Suzerain. Try it again tomorrow when you’re in a different mood and that’s still Suzerain. Past, present and all possible futures? Check. Every possible alternate reality? Check. Mortal realms and god realms? Check. Check. In the Suzerain Continuum your gaming group just became…

…a Pantheon in the making!

Inside these covers you’ll find:

  • All the background you’ll need to run games set in any time, and any place.
  • 48 new Pulse feats, allowing you to tap into the life energy of the multiverse! .
  • Telesmae – bonded, semi-intelligent items that grow with your character!
  • Your Pocket Realm! An extradimensional hideaway that grows as your heroes grow in power!
  • Flexing a Nexus – use your godlike powers to warp the nature of reality itself!
  • 30 mini-scenarios including a campaign outline spanning the main eras of a character’s development from Neophyte to Demigod!

Where most campaigns and adventure paths finish, Suzerain is just getting started. With Suzerain a starting character can expect to become true hero of the multiverse, meet the gods themselves, and become a Demigod!

Pathfinder fans enjoy a never-ending pipeline of cool material, including variant rules from Rogue Genius Games (which happens to have a particular inside track on getting stuff like this right).

The Genius Guide to Variant Multiclassing Rules lets any character add just a little of another classes’ ability, by sacrificing feats instead of losing crucial class levels. This tome covers variant mulcticlassing for every base, core, hybrid and alternate class, offers variant prestige class rules using the same system, and expands the rules into dedicated multiclassing, for characters willing to sacrifice nearly all their feats! Because sometimes, you need to add a little bard. Or cleric. Or eldritch knight…

I shan’t get into the “Tale of Two Travellers” debate here – it’s up to you to decide which version makes the most sense for you. Mongoose’s latest iteration is in “beta playtest” mode, which means you get the complete game “as it is,” with the option to send in feedback based on your experiences. There’s a lot of people really excited about this version, to be sure. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Mongoose invokes that classic bit of advertising brilliance GDW used so long ago…

This is Free Trader Beowulf, calling anyone… 
Mayday, Mayday…We are under attack…
Main drive is gone…Turret number one not responding…
Mayday…Losing cabin pressure fast calling anyone…
Please help…This is Free Trader Beowulf…


Traveller is a science fiction roleplaying game of bold explorers and brave adventurers. The Traveller Core Rulebook contains everything you need to create one of these adventurers and begin exploring the galaxy.

Spaceports, ancient civilisations, air/rafts, cold steel blades, laser carbines, far distant worlds, and exotic alien beasts – this is the futuristic universe of Traveller, the original and classic science fiction roleplaying game.

Come visit the future.

The Beta Playtest edition of the new Traveller Core Rulebook allows you to dive in and directly affect one of the world’s favourite sci-fi RPGs. This is a complete package that provides you with;

  • The Beta Playtest Core Rulebook, laid out and ready to go! After many, many moons of writing and internal playtesting, this book is now ready to be seen (and commented upon!) by dedicated Traveller players. All that is missing from this PDF is a few pieces of artwork!
  • A free copy of the adventure High and Dry, a revised edition of the original Type-S scenario, fully updated to the new Traveller in both rules and format. This will allow you to jump right in and start playing Traveller immediately with a cracking adventure written by fan favourite Martin Dougherty.
  • Access to draft (Word format) documents of the ‘core set’ of Traveller rule books – High Guard, Central Supply Catalogue, Vehicle Handbook, and the Traveller Companion, plus the chance to comment upon them and thus influence Traveller at a fundamental level.
  • A $20 voucher to be redeemed against the final Core Rulebook PDF, meaning the Beta Core Rulebook will end up not costing you a penny!
  • If all goes well, some other goodies will be turning up in your Drivethru folders during the playtest period. We have some projects currently on the go that are set for release with the new addition, but if we can complete them according to schedule, they will be offered for free to all registered playtesters.

Though I tried, the vacation/convention visit to Northern California ultimately defeated my attempts to keep the Picks of the Day going. So here, once again, are a bunch of Picks to cover this week up through today.

Arcknight is yet another very talented company when it comes to game table maps for folks who use miniatures in their gaming. Here’s a collection of all the maps they Kickstarted and otherwise created for 2014.

The 2014 Digital Atlas includes every map we’ve made to date, and will be periodically updated to include additional bonus maps, new transitions, texture maps, and other goodies. Anything created for our first kickstarter project, and all related maps; including the expanded retail map packs will be included in this Digital Atlas. Each map was originally designed for high quality print on 11×17 paper, with a hybrid style. Our maps are tilable and versatile with the strengths of a tile system, while maintaining the incredible quality and depth of a larger drawn piece. Maps are rotatable, exchangable, and reversible with common points of intersection so they can be combined to create almost any landscape you’ll need.


Next, the long-awaited, much-anticipated Bite Me! The Gaming Guide to Lycanthropes!

Within Bite Me! The Gaming Guide to Lycanthropes you will find:

  • Numerous Alternate Racial Traits, Wereblooded and Minor Wereblooded Clan Racial Traits, and Favored Class Options that address how adaptable such creatures are.
  • Lycanthrope Racial Bloodlines to add new flavor to the Sorcerer class.
  • The Wereblooded, Monstrous Wereblooded, and Skindancer race options.
  • Nearly two dozen New Archetypes to help shake up existing classes with a bit of lycanthropic flavor.
  • A selection of New Equipment and Weapons designed for or of interest to lycanthropes.
  • Over two dozen New Feats, including those belonging to the new Lycanthrope Feat Category.
  • An arsenal of New Magic Items related in some fashion to shapechangers (and, in some cases, to those who would hunt them.)
  • A bevy of New Magic Spells, along with a number of New Hexes and New Rituals, to add a touch of magic into the mix.
  • A range of Sample Characters to highlight various new game mechanics and racial options.
  • A short story to help set the lycanthropic mood.


Here’s the latest adventure for GRAmel’s Beasts and Barbarians Savage Worlds setting –

Welcome to The Sword of Izim, a Heroic Tale for the Beasts & Barbarians Savage Worlds setting.

Somewhere in the Zandorian wastelands, there is a lonesome peak, like a giant sentinel watching over a dying Empire. Stories say that in the past this place was held by an order
of warriors, guarding something both very powerful and very dangerous.

Today Izim’s Peak, as it is called, has been deserted for centuries, and on its top there are only windswept ruins. But who can tell what secrets are hidden there? 

Wild rides, ruthless bandits, comely girls and much more await you among the pages of The Sword of Izim! What are you waiting for? Grab your sword, gird your loins and jump into adventure!


Finally, Kobold Press gives you a treasure trove of D&D 5e material to expand your characters and game with.


— New Options for 5th Edition Heroes —

Deep voices of the giants chant in the hills and forests. Red-cloaked cultists gather to perform their unholy rites, and howling tribes of dust goblins ride out of the Western Wastes to sack villages and towns.

But you do not fear these things. You are a hero of Midgard—and by your skill, strength, luck, or the favor of the gods, you will become a legend. Midgard Heroes gives you everything you need to play in a 5th edition campaign set in the Midgard Campaign Setting.

Midgard Heroes for 5th Edition includes:

  • Rules for playing new PC races: centaurs, dragonkin, gearforged, kobolds, ravenfolk, shadow fey, trollkin, and more!
  • 7 new backgrounds: Corsair, Darkling, Fey-Touched, Nomad, Raider, and more!

Only magic and the warmth of hope keeps lights aglow when dread things prowl and the priestly wardings shake, bent by hideous demonic rage. In this dark time, new heroes must arise to claim the crowns of Midgard and restore the jewels to her scattered thrones. New heroes must lead a return to glory.

Midgard awaits!

Some seriously kickin’ stuff coming out! This Kickstarter success for Robert J. Schwalb, one of the RPG industry’s best and brightest (and one of the keen minds behind D&D 5th) just hit the virtual shelves. It’s a clever and immersive take on horrific, apocalyptic fantasy where every choice you make can have significant and long-term consequences, both for you and for the world.

The End Is Just the Beginning

Sometimes the world needs heroes. But in the desperation of these last days, the world will take all those it can get: heroes, blackguards, madmen, and whoever else is willing to stand against the coming darkness. Will you fight the demons or will you burn it all down and dance among the ashes? Who will you become when the world dies? 

Shadow of the Demon Lord® opens a door to an imaginary world held in the grip of a cosmic destroyer. Enter a land steeped in the chaos and madness unleashed by the end times, with whole realms overrun by howling herds of beastmen, warped spirits freed from the Underworld, and unspeakable horrors stirred awaken by the Demon Lord’s imminent arrival. 

A complete tabletop roleplaying game in one book, Shadow of the Demon Lord provides everything you need to create and play characters, form groups in pursuit of adventure, and tell exciting stories with your friends. As well, the book gives Game Masters all the tools they need to create adventures, over one hundred foul creatures, a detailed region of the campaign world, and extensive advice to help run the game.

As the Demon Lord’s shadow creeps across the world, it creates the chance for heroes to seize their destinies and villains to accomplish their despicable goals. As you play the game, you and your friends tell stories about thwarting the plots of twisted cultists, hunting down and destroying bizarre demons, exploring lost lands, investigating weird mysteries, and so much more.

Working hard to keep the Picks going this week, even though Carinn and I are on a kind of vacation here in Sunny San Jose, CA (in part for Pacificon Game Expo, in part to visit incredible friends and see the sites).

Today’s Pick is the latest game set in the gonzo, gothic-meets-cyberpunk sci-fi/horror mashup that is the Mutant Chronicles!

Mutant Chronicles takes you on a full – throttle diesel-punk ride though a solar system beset by corporate intrigue and the invasion of the Dark Legion. With technology failing due to the insidious effects of the Dark Symmetry, mankind must fight back against the Dark Legion hordes whilst dealing with in-fighting and conspiracy.

Now, in this 3rd Edition of the definitive techno-fantasy roleplaying game, you can play during the early days of the Dark Symmetry, through to the brutal Corporate Wars.

Investigate foul cults as technology turns against mankind, or fight the armies of the Dark Legion as they pour forth from citadels across the colonies the battle for humanity’s future.

Mutant Chronicles includes:

  • Complete 2d20 game system written by Jay Little (X-Wing Miniatures Game, Star Wars, Edge of the Empire RPG), including detailed character creation and cinematic roleplaying, plus full rules for spaceships and vehicles.
  • Never-before seen secrets of the Mutant Chronicles universe, maps of the solar system and Luna City.
  • Insights in to the Dark Legion Apostles and their unique forces, tactics and plots along with full stats for new and old monstrosities.
  • Briefings on the major corporations, Imperial, Bauhaus, Capitol, Mishima, and Cybertronic, as well as Cartel, the Brotherhood, and Whitestar.
  • Guide to running adventures during the rise of the Dark Symmetry and the first wars through to the return of the Dark Legion. 
  • 496 pages of adventure in the Mutant Chronicles universe!
  • Discount on the print copy!*