Ponyfinder: Tribes of Everglow (PF) – Sean’s Pick, 093015

This line continues to pleasantly surprise me with its ever-increasing popularity, as well as how well-supported it is. Tribes of Everglow is an omnibus of information about the world and its many tribes, and includes a lot of game material as well.

Folks running more traditional Pathfinder campaigns may well see this as an opportunity for some dimensional world-hopping adventure.

A detailed look into the minds and societies of all the varied pony tribes of Everglow. See how they view each other and the other races of the world, how they handle birth, life, and death, and their unique perspectives shown in contrast with one another.

  • Over a hundred new feats
  • Class Archetypes
  • Dozens of Alchemy Discoveries
  • Rogue tricks
  • Prestige class
  • New equipment
  • New spells
  • New Lore and history
  • A whole new tribe, the short legs.

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