The Earth Codex (Cypher) – Sean’s Pick, 091815

More source material from Ryan Chaddock for the Cypher System, and specifically for the Strange. Your heroes may gallivant all over potentiality, but it all starts on Earth, right?


Create characters and discover intriguing story ideas for Earth-based campaigns in The Strange.  The Earth Codex is a guide to player options and cyphers for games centering or beginning on Earth, as well as a useful resource for GMs looking for inspiration and guidance for starting stories back on Earth.  

The Earth Codex Includes:

  • Progress and Innovation:  A chapter on academic, industrial, and technological character concepts and games.
  • International Affairs:  Playing The Strange characters from battlefield and intelligence gatherine backgrounds.
  • High Society:  Character types and campaign ideas centering on politics and big business.

Each chapter includes Foci, Descriptors, and 36 Cyphers customized to that particular style of play.

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