Legion (d20/3.x) – Sean’s Pick, 082515

Today I want to give another shout out for a buddy and his really cool game – Richard Glosson and his Terminus Productions have powerful military sci-fi game using that 3.x d20 system so many folks remain very fond of. They’ve got a lot of fans, especially in the South where they’re based, and this game definitely falls in the “in case you missed it, seriously check it out” category.

You play the role of a heroic soldier fighting to protect a galaxy and her people who are plagued by threats both mundane and fantastic. Whether a member of one of the elite Legion Companies or one of the rank and file soldiers of the vast United Defense Force, adventure awaits you in the stars. The fate of the galaxy is in your hands! Your courage, determination, and trusty M62A2 Storm Hammer may be the only thing that stands between life and complete annihilation!

From character generation to the rules for adventuring in deep space, this one book provides everything a player and game master needs to enjoy the worlds of Legion.

Inside you will find:
•All rules for character creation, combat, environments, equipment, and creatures
•Full descriptions for sixteen different player character races
•Six different Branches of the military like Mobile Infantry, Fleet, and Intelligence
•Two branch Specialties for each branch like Close Combat Specialist, Fighter Pilot, and Inquisitor
•The new and easy to use Legion Skill System
•A multitude of Feats that cover Combat, Skills, and Psyche Talents
•A simple and easy to understand rules for combat that utilizes the D20 system with a few new additions that increases the dangers and excitement of combat
•Psyche Talents used by the Shar-Nithian Lords to solidify and safeguard all of humanity
•Arms and armor of the Legion including the incredible Legion suits of powered armor
•A unique look at experience and character advancement with the Mission System that uses Terms of Service rather than experience points
•And much more!

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