AndoCon Frontload List – Sean’s Picks, 081115-081415

Gonna try something different today, since I am leaving tomorrow for AndoCon in Atlanta and don’t expect to have time or opportunity to do Picks the rest of this week. So here’s four – one for each day through Friday!

The Sixth Gun is a weird west comics series, highly acclaimed and awesome to the core. Who knows weird west better than Pinnacle Entertainment?

During the darkest days of the Civil War, wicked cutthroats came into possession of six pistols of otherworldly power. In time, the Sixth Gun, the most dangerous of the weapons, vanished.

The First of the Six strikes with ungodly force. The Second spreads Perdition’s flames. The Third kills with a flesh-rotting disease. The Fourth calls up the spirits of those it has slain. The Fifth can heal the wielder from even a fatal wound. And theSixth is the key to rewriting the world.

Discover the secret of The Six—mystical weapons forged by hatred, and oiled in betrayal—in The Sixth Gun roleplaying game. Inside you’ll find details on Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt’s incredible world from the Harvey and Eisner Award nominated comic series by the same name. It includes new Edges and Hindrances, guns and gear, Setting Rules, rules for sorcery and voodoo, an Adventure Generator, and a host of nefarious rogues, gadflies, and scoundrels, for one of the wildest Westerns in all of comics!


Peter Pan meets Harry Potter in a FATE-powered game that explores the fantasy of youth crashing into adult lives.

There is a place where children go to become heroes, only discovered by a desperate few when they need it most. Here, they escape from their normal lives, slay giants, solve riddles, learn magic, and become kings and queens. Children grow up and the fantasies of childhood are forgotten. 

But now the realm you once protected is under attack.  You must leave behind your life, your family, and your ordinary job to defend your past from something terrible and very, very real. 

Nest, by David Goodwin, is a game of rediscovering the magic of childhood—or shattering the illusions of youth.

Nest requires Fate Core to play. This 56-page supplement includes:

  • Location seeds for the various kingdoms of Nest
  • A variety of fantasy themes to explore: epic adventure, steampunk marvels, talking animals, and riddles and puzzles
  • Simple rules for the creation of talismans, and some sample talismans to get you started
  • A milestone system to allow characters to advance (or regress) during game play
  • A sample adventure—Call to Adventure: The Threshing Stone

Magic never dies. It is only forgotten.


If you’ve ever wondered what Game of Thrones might be like with vampires, here you go.

It’s 1242. The Mongol army crushed Baghdad, then Russia under its heel, then moved on to devastate Poland and Hungary. The Holy Roman Empire stood to war with the Papacy. The second Lombard League wielded the word of the Pope and fought off Frederick II.

The War of Princes rages. Patricide looms. Young powers look up the ladder to the next rungs, and see stagnation and hypocrisy. They see targets. When they look down, they see humanity. They see a power that could change everything. They see mortals organizing into universities and empires.

In the mortal world of 1242, power shifted at the rate an army marched. For the undead, power shifts faster than a fire overtakes a haven. To the Damned, power flows as fast as blood from an ancient heart.

Vampire 20th Anniversary Edition: The Dark Ages is a storytelling game of horrific power.

  • Featuring 13 clans and 19 bloodlines, this volume spans the Dark Medieval World.
  • Contains full rules for play, inspired by Vampire: The Masquerade Twentieth Anniversary Edition.
  • Features new and updated player options, including a brutal new system for Koldunic Sorcery.


Gamma World was one of the first post-apocalyptic games ever, and the 3e version was pretty slick and exciting. It’s finally available in PDF form.

Up From the Ruins

The Final Wars destroyed civilization. Competing forces battle for control of the shattered remains, using everything from strong fists and cold steel to the most advanced science of the old world and mysterious new powers of the mind.

The Gamma World Player’s Handbook presents a new edition of the classic sci-fi adventure game, energized for the 21st century! Play humans, mutants and new races created in the chaos of the Final Wars, out not just to survive but to thrive in the midst of adventure, danger and mystery.

100% Compatible with d20 Rules

Requires the use of the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game OR Dungeons and Dragons Players Handbook, version 3.5, published by Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

The Gamma World campaign setting is published under license with Wizards of the Coast and is 100% compatible with d20 rules.

Product History

Gamma World Player’s Handbook (2003), by Bruce Baugh, Ian Eller, Lizard, Mikko Rautalahti, and Geoff Skellams, is the first core book for d20 Modern Gamma World. It was published in October 2003.

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