Christmas in July (Sale) – Sean’s Pick, 072315

“Winter is coming.”

Not really, unless you’re south of the equator, but I couldn’t resist. DriveThruRPG has their annual and highly-popular Christmas in July sale going on, starting today, and every gamer will want to look at what’s on sale. This year, they have quite a selection of Print-on-Demand products at 15% off, as well as the usual huge assortment of PDFs at 25% off.

Seriously, the selection is insane. Here’s just a few of the publishers represented:

  • AEG
  • Ad Infinitum Adventures
  • Cubicle 7 Entertainment
  • Dreamscarred Press
  • FASA
  • Holistic Design
  • Margaret Weis Productions
  • Monte Cook Games
  • Onyx Path Publishing

And dozens more!

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