Part-Time Gods of Fate (FATE) – Sean’s Pick, 071315

It’s kind of a perfect fit, really, and Eloy Lasanta nailed the title in one take, so to speak.

You’ve been gifted with the spark of divinity. Will you give into the power and leave your mortal life behind? Or will you lead a double life and protect those closest to you? Choose wisely – You only have one soul. Part-Time Gods of Fate is a roleplaying game where players take the role of ordinary people imbued with the powers of a god. Balancing one’s mortal and divine lives can be tricky, and divine responsibility doesn’t always pay the rent.

Now Powered by Fate Core!

This is the final version for the conversion of Part-Time Gods to the Fate Core system, bringing you this unique setting with the rules system you know and love. Contains new rules like Territory Creation, Worshippers and Relics, and more! (Previously available as a Beta).

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