Vampire Kingdoms, New Revised (Rifts) – Sean’s Pick, 070315

As a young gamer, the Vampire Kingdoms region (effectively, all of Mexico) was one of the most fascinating places in the entire Rifts setting to me. It remains a compelling idea – a place where your group of heroes can go nuts, slaying evil vampires and saving a part of the world. The depth of the region and its inhabitants (including the far more complex and sinister than expected Reid’s Rangers) was always impressive, and now they’ve gone in and made it even better.

For centuries, Mexico has been considered the realm of monsters best left alone. A land dominated by packs of Wild Vampires and rumored to be the home of Vampire Kingdoms in the south. Most of the northern civilizations have stayed away, but over the last 20 years, a growing number of heroes, vampire slayers and adventurers have been waging something of a secret war against the undead. As that battle escalates, stories of heroes, vampires and entire human populations enslaved by the undead or penned, raised and slaughtered like cattle, are starting to leak out. Come see for yourself if the rumors are true and join the battle for humanity in Mexico.

  • Rifts vampires, how they think, behave, fight and kill.
  • Different types of vampires, their Master, and the Vampire Intelligence (the deific creator of the undead).
  • 40+ vampire abilities, vampire weaknesses and combat notes.
  • Hero Vampire and Deluded Vampire optional player characters.
  • Chupacabras, Mind Slaves, henchmen and other vampire protectors.
  • Vampire Hunter O.C.C., Reid’s Ranger O.C.C., and other heroes.
  • Vampire combat and the weapons and techniques of vampire slayers.
  • Vampire slaying weapons and gear, riding animals and monsters.
  • The city-states of El Paso and Ciudad Juarez described.
  • The Vampire Kingdoms, vampire society, human cattle and servants.
  • Town creation rules and tables, and the hold vampires may have over them.
  • Ideas for adventure, combat and much more throughout.
  • 224 pages, written by Kevin Siembieda.

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