AMP: Year Two – Sean’s Pick, 070215

Eloy Lasanta is taking a unique approach to the superhero RPG genre, both with the core conceits of the AMP line, as well as how he’s proceeding with material release. AMP: Year Two updates the game organically by evolving it alongside the storyline he’s planned out for the whole thing – just like a comic series, really.

The year of fear has begun! Continuing the story into the year 2016, AMP: Year Two is the latest sourcebook for the AMP: Year One RPG. Not only does this book expand the world timeline, but provide full details on how AMPs have begun to affect the rest of the world. AMP: Year Two introduces 4 brand new Affiliations for characters to join, 1 additional powers for each Strain (like Horror for Mindbenders or Immortality for Bulks), and one awesome universal power, Gadgeteering, available for both AMPs and Saps. 

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