Cake Walk (SW) – Sean’s Pick, 070115

The ENnie Award Nominations are out, so expect to see a parade of products from that list show up here for your consideration. Today we open up with something from my friends at Fabled Environments, who not only put out a great (and very creative) adventure, they add excellent production values, exceptional maps (something they’re famous for), and cardstock model templates to use for the game, embedded right there in the product!

Fabled Environments is proud to announce that Cake Walk, written by John Beattie/ artwork by T. Jordan Peacock, has been nominated for two Ennie Awards (Best Adventure and Best Electronic Product).

John and Jordan have created something special with this module for Savage Worlds. In this adventure, the Heroes take on the seemingly mundane role of animal control officers. However, when they respond to a complaint of an animal infestation at a local sweet goods factory, they end up facing something that is neither mundane nor an animal.

Apart from the Savage Worlds ruleset, dice and a pencil, everything you would need to play this adventure is included such as pregens, figure flats, a map of the facility and even adventure seeds to take this from a one-shot adventure to a campaign.

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