Mage: The Ascension (Revised) (OWoD) – Carinn’s Pick, 061515

Sean is out of town (and away from his computer) for today, so it’s my turn to play at doing a Pick of the Day. Since I’m posting this right before heading out the door for my every-other-Monday-night game, I thought it appropriate to pick the game I’m about to play.  Though tempted to post the Verbena Tradition book, I decided to be fair to the rest of the Traditions and opt for the game as a whole instead. Enjoy and, where this game is concerned, may you only roll tens!


Reality Overthrown!

Their heritage is magic, their quest truth. Every culture has nurtured or condemned them. They lead humanity to the far horizon and beyond. They are mages, the inventors of sorcery, science and faith. For centuries they have battled to define existence and lead humanity to an enlightened age. Now, in an age when technology is humanitys magic, the magicians of yesteryears mystic Traditions fight for survival and the key to the cosmos itself Ascension.

Choose Your Truth

The heroes of Mage: The Ascension, revised in the tradition of Vampire: The Masquerade, have lost their war for reality but the struggle continues in this quintessential volume. All of the Traditions are updated and elaborated, along with the history of mages in the World of Darkness.

Explore the revised rules of the Spheres, Resonance and Paradox. See the devastating changes that signal the end for the Ascension War, and learn how modern mages survive 2000s Year of Revelations.

Mage: The Ascension (Revised)

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