Shaintar: Hunt of the Midnight Dominus – Sean’s Pick, 061115

Yeah, this is another “it’s my page, gonna pimp my stuff” kind of thing. However, it’s also a very worthy pick, because Scott Corum is a fantastic author who deserves your attention. I really want to see him write even more excellent fiction.

Chanz Drake Abendroth, a swordsman of noble birth willing to risk his life on the smallest chance he might gain justice for his murdered family. 

Brum Lander von Lander and Lisette “Zette” Stahlfaust – combat sorcerer and gifted rogue – are Chanz’s dearest friends. They, too, risk all simply because that friendship is precious to them.

Vika De’Lear, the Midnight Dominus, vampire lord of the city, who hunts as a way not just to feed, but to endure his existence with some sense of that which he gave away – life.

Their collective story entertwines in a most exciting and most surprising way. A dance of blade and spell, life and death, honor and destiny. Blood will spill and paths will change.

In a land given over completely to Darkness, ruled by monsters, there are places and times where honor and loyalty still mean something.

In fact, such things can mean everything.

Hunt of the Midnight Dominus, written by the very gifted Scott Corum (Victory System, Dakkar Unlimited, profiled in the documentary “The Dungeon Masters”), is the second of a series of novellas set in the epic high fantasy world of Shaintar (created by Sean Patrick Fannon for the Savage Worlds system).

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