The Texas Flood Relief Bundle

Near the end of May, huge portions of Texas were deluged with terrible storms and severe, unplanned-for flooding. The toll was catastrophic, and folks are still digging out and trying to reclaim their lives – those that survived.

As always, the RPG industry steps up in times of disaster and need. Check out the amazing products in this charity bundle organized by Fainting Goat Games. Here’s just some of the great products –

  • Seven Ronin for the Watchguard Universe (Xion Studios)
  • The Accursed Players Guide (Melior Via)
  • BASH Fantasy Edition (Basic Action Games)
  • ETU Class Ring (Pinnacle Entertainment)
  • ICONS Great Power (Ad Infinitum Adventures)
  • Fantasy Hero Complete (Hero Games)
  • Lots of the Super Powered Bestiary (Rogue Genius Games)
  • Welcome to Stark City (Fainting Goat Games)

Tons, tons more! This whole thing is only $20 (and contains over $150 in product). A great deal, a good cause.

Thank you.

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