Fantastic Feats Volume XXXIX: Gunslinger (PF) – Sean’s Pick, 060815

Some love them, some hate them. Such is the controversy of the Gunslinger in a predominantly fantasy-oriented rules set. Let’s see what you make of them with this very inexpensive set of stuff to expand their options. While you’re at it, you should probably take a look at the entire suite of Fantastic Feats books.

Fantastic Feats Volume 39 – Gunslinger

This edition of “Fantastic Feats” – a series of feats based around a certain theme or subject – is about the Gunslinger, the wielder of the strange and wonderful weapons known as guns.

The feats inside this volume:

  • Gritty Aim – Grit can make it easier to bypass some armor
  • Gritty Experience – Having grit now make you a bit more effective in many areas
  • Gritty Nimbleness – The gunslingers grit now makes it easier to dodge
  • Gritty Wisdom – Hard learned lessons add to the Gunslingers grit
  • Improved Damage – Minimum damage from your weapon is now increased
  • Improved Repair Costs – It’s now cheaper to repair that weapon of yours
  • Improved Targeting – Increase the odd of getting a good result when targeting

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