CypherCaster Magazine (Cypher) – Sean’s Pick, 052815

The Cypher System really resonates with a lot of folks, and that means a high demand for more source material. Hearkening back to the days of Dragon, here’s a new periodical that features all kinds of support and material for NumenaraThe Strange, and other Cypher-driven games.

The first issue of the CypherCaster Magazine includes:

  • MCG Spring/Summer product preview
  • Shotguns & Sorcery interview with Matt Forbeck & Robert Schwalb by Andrew Cady
  • Exploring Cypher Space by James Walls
  • “Shapes in the Salt”, Numenera short fiction by Jim Ryan
  • “Hunting for Krofwarten”, a Numenera adventure by Chris Fitzgerald
  • “Estate Files” covering a Norse Mythology recursion cluster for The Strange by Marc Plourde
  • “Holstenwall — A Recursion of Gothic Fear” by Scott Robinson
  • MCG Fan Relations News

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