Codex Celtarium (C&C) – Sean’s Pick, 051115

Last week was a look at the brand new and shiny, so this week I’m going to look back at some stuff you might have missed. Troll Lord made the first entry easy by putting Codex Celtarium on sale for 50% off. Anyone wanting to tap Celtic mythology for their games should have this one on hand.

More than Myths and Gods
The Codex Celtarum contains a veritable host of gaming material. Built around the complete mythological cosmos of the Celts, in it you’ll find new spells for your druid, cleric, and illusionist. New monsters, including mountains of fey. New magic items. For the very bold, there are new powers for your characters, allowing your characters to become fey!

  • 190 new spells
  • 90 gods and monsters from the Celtic mythos
  • 150 powers for the fey monsters & characters (optional)


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