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If you’ve looked at the front page at DriveThruRPG in the last couple of days, you might have noted that Eclipse Phase has kind of blown up in the place. This would be mainly the fault of the greatly anticipated Firewall release, featuring tons of new material for both players and GMs of this popular posthuman sci-fi game.

Firewall is a secret organization sourcebook for both Eclipse Phase players and gamemasters.

It includes:

  • Details on Firewall’s history, organization, and ongoing operations.
  • Firewall’s notable people, locations, and internal factions.
  • Rival organizations, including the argonauts, Jovians, Titanians, and ultimates.
  • New traits, gear, and 16 sample characters

Firewall is a 200-page PDF (with layers, a hyperlinked table of contents, a hyperlinked index, and internal hyperlinks) and is Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) licensed.

Want More Firewall?

If you want 150DPI pieces of artwork from the book, and other extras, please check out the Firewall Hack Pack or the Firewall PDF + Hack Pack + Music Bundle!

I interrupt your regularly-scheduled whatever-it-is-you’re-doing to bring you this head-exploding awesome piece of news. My friends at Green Ronin Publishing and the ever-dorkable Wil Wheaton have put together a package of epic entertainment. The long-promised Tabletop RPG spinoff is coming, and it’s Wil running a brand new world he created using GR’s Fantasy AGE system.

Check the announcement here, and watch the video. I am very happy for all involved, and look forward to seeing how this all plays out.

(See what I did there…? I’ll never hear the end of it from Carinn.)

Seriously, how can I not Pick this one?!? I didn’t post this yesterday because, while it is a “joke” product in some ways, Katanas & Trenchcoats, Episode 1: Welcome to Darkest Vancouver also a legitimate and very cool game. It’s catching like wildfire for a reason. There’s a rule about how, after rolling all 0’s, everything just explodes while you walk away slowly.

Live the Dream of ’90s Roleplaying!

Do you yearn to portray the passionate and harrowing drama of awesome Immortals in a secret supernatural world? Does your heart sing the ancient aphotic melody of ’90s storytelling? Does endless fire burn within you to make an everlasting mark on this Darkest Cosmos? If you meet another Immortal in on a windswept street, do you fight with swords as your way of saying hello?

That’s because you’re a badass, and this book wants to be your best friend and squire. Katanas & Trenchcoats is your personal Egyptian Scots-Spaniard on this deep narrative journey. It presents for you—just you because you’re special—a totally unique system that isn’t at all ripping off countless other roleplaying games.

So gaze into this abyss, and let it gaze lovingly back. It wants to be a vessel for your truth. Open your heart and live the Immortal dream of the ’90s now!

What’s in this Action?

  • A custom system that uses d10s. Mind: blown!
  • Rules for creating not just Immortals, but also Vampires, Werebeasts, Technomages, Ghosts, and the Fey-Touched!
  • An exciting setting: the supernatural capital of Darkest Vancouver, with callouts to other parts of the Darkest Cosmos.
  • Crave rules for sex and soundtracks? Sink your teeth right in!
  • Want your LARP fix? You’re welcome!
  • Why yes, there is a character sheet!

Atlas Games remains one of the great RPG publishers, and they’ve continued their long-standing tradition of creativity and quality with “Seven” line of products for 3.x games.

Dragons are wily and wise creatures of vast intelligence and capriciousness … and their dens reflect this. Herein lie seven dragon lairs and the serpents that inhabit them, following in the footsteps of the Seven Strongholds, Seven Cities, and Sacred Ground sourcebooks. Seven Serpents includes:

  • The Blue Rat: A blue wyrmling has taken up residence in the palatial home of a djinni. The creature has become a nuisance by leaving droppings all over the place and attacking servants. Despite his best efforts, the djinni has been unable to catch it, so he needs some exterminators…
  • The Dragon Moot: Every few centuries, representatives from each of the dragon breeds gather at a fallen tree nearly four miles in length. Here their leaders put aside their conflicts and discuss larger matters at hand. The current sheriff is a young half-gold/half-green dragon named Kusig who has no idea how to keep the peace.
  • Cliffside: A juvenile copper dragon’s lair is built into the side of a cliff, and is protected with traps and puzzles to ensure that those who seek him out deserve his help. Visitors who are unable to fly must rely on ropes and other climbing gear.
  • The Last Dragon Rider: The silver dragons of Talisantha Hall once served as warrior-mounts for the knights who dwelt there. Now the last of their number wanders its desolate halls, searching for the cure to the vampirism that infects him and his lady-love.
  • Tithe Bend: Frail and undersized from birth, the black dragon Dunstitz realised that the hoard he craved would require the very essence of dragon cunning and guile to attain. So, posing as a river spirit, he collects the tithe that sailors throw over the sides of their ships.
  • Smoke on the Water: In a mining camp dedicated to extracting a rare ore called bog silver, the blazing hot body of a comatose red dragon generates the steam used to power drills, boring devices, water pumps, and smelters. The adamantine spike shoved through the gargantuan dragon’s head is to key to its imprisonment.
  • The Darkness of Space: A great gold wyrm has built her lair in the darkness of space. She survives through a combination of spells and magic items, and is served by an army of constructs. The lair houses a powerful artifact that keeps a terrible evil at bay, and the dragon does not take kindly to intruders.