Hexslinger (Cartoon Action Hour) – Sean’s Pick, 042215

Not hard to see the theme I’ve stuck with so far this week, as we present my dear friend Shane Hensley‘s contribution to the awesome Cartoon Action Hour set of Series books. You might note a certain similarity to something else Shane is known for in this one…

In this Cartoon Action Hour: Season 3 series book by Shane Hensley, which can best be described as a hybrid of westerns, science-fiction and fantasy, groups of Hexslingers (rangers armed with clockwork firearms hurtling manite slugs “hexed” with various magical powers) patrol the untamed Outlands in an effort to make life safe for settlers and travelers alike.

• Details on the Wizardry West

• Information on hexslingers, including rules on how to create them as Player Characters

• 8 ready-to-use Player Characters

• 3 very detailed episode seeds to get your group into the action

• 2 extremely nasty villains (an orc warlord named Karnak the Unstoppable and a vile dragon known as Mayng)

• 12 critters

• 4 types of Goons

• 1 Playset (Fort Fannon) <– (What is this, I don’t even…?!?)

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  1. Cynthia Miller April 22, 2015 11:24 pm  Reply

    Thanks for choosing Hexslinger for your Pick of the Day! 🙂

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