Savage Insider, V3I1 (SW) – Sean’s Pick, 042115

My week’s starting out pretty Savage (in more ways than one), and today’s Pick reflects that. Not only am I the guest author for the Designer’s Diary for this issue, there’s a huge amount of material of interest to any Savage Worlds fan (or any gaming fan, really). Obatron is pushing hard to really get the Savage Insider line going, and this is a strong issue for them.

We’re passionate about Savage Worlds and want to share that with you. The theme is Endings and Beginnings, which it is threaded throughout all the pieces and covers a range of genres.

What’s in It for You

  • Two Discounts Off Maps by Middle Kingdom Exploration & Trading Co.
  • Recent Releases – From January to March.
  • Upcoming Releases – Works in the works.
  • Designer’s Diary – Sean Patrick Fannon talks about Evil Beagle Games’ Shaintar: Legends Unleashed.
  • Game Prep: Concept by Interlude – Finding out who the character is before deciding what they can do!
  • Game Prep: The End is Nigh! Or Is It? – Tips for handling bringing a campaign to its close.
  • Esoteric Orders: An Abundance of Gods – Shinto inspirations for any genre. with NPCs, powers, and setting sketches.
  • Equipment Corral – Two pieces for your collection at both ends of the spectrum: one to bring death and one to bring life.
  • Character Gallery: Three Masters of Action – After the lives they knew ended, all transform to take on anything thrown their way.. 
  • Mechanics Wise: Back from the Dead – Unconventional options for handling character death. 
  • Expanded Mechanics: The More You Know – Getting more out of language and knowledge skills.
  • Stories to Inspire: The Past and the Future – When a deserter becomes a vigilante, there’s a fine line between criminal and hero. 
  • Surveyed: The Pride of Thalsen – A small, but influential village faces the theft of a treasured artifact. A great place to start a campaign.
  • Great Adventures: The World Trembles – A campaign-ending adventure for Legendary Ranks. Can they defeat Ashur and all the aliens brought with it, or will their fantasy world die?
  • Great Adventures: Escape from the Apocalypse Myceleon, Destroyer and Devourer – On the edge of Unknown Space, an immense, alien being seeks to make a meal out of a planet.
  • Convention Connection – April to July

With this issue, we introduce “stretch goals” to unlock free content between issues! Simple tasks like sharing Facebook links, tweets, and G+ posts, reviewing the magazine on DriveThruRPG and RPGNow websites, and other quick-to-do items are the key.

Buy it now to use at your next game and to find out all the details on unlocking the freebies! 

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