Arabian Fortress – Sean’s Pick, 041615

DramaScape continues to pour out so many quality figure-scale maps for your game table, and this one has a special theme and flavor to it. It’s so huge, they had to go with a different scale to make it usable on the game table.

Arabian Fortress

DramaScape Fantasy Volume 55

This Product is a 60 x 40 inch, full color battlemap of an Arabian Fortress.

The Product comes with the Square, Hex and No Overlay versions and the Virtual Tabletop Maps (VTT) and include a 360 degree view of the inside of the Arabian Fortress.

This is a very large map and is at a scale of 10ft per inch to enable it to fit into a usable size.

“If we can break into the Arabian Fortress, we can steal their most precious artifacts, the Lamps of the North, West, South, and East Winds!”—Salim Dakin, Arabian Thief

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