OneDice WW1 (OneDice) – Sean’s Pick, 040915

Sticking with the highly eclectic nature of my Picks for the week, let’s look at Cakebread & Walton’s OneDice system. One of their latest genre releases for this simple d6-driven system sets characters into the tumultuous era of World War I, with some intriguing options.

OneDice WW1 is a role-playing game set against the backdrop of the Great War of 1914-18. A global conflict, costing millions of lives, the war involved the mobilisation and shattering of the mightiest of armies ever assembled. It was fought on a previously unimaginable industrial scale. Whether you want to play as one of the front-line combatants in the mighty conflict or as a civilian, spy, medic or journalist, all the rules you need are in this book.

There are additional “skins” for adding Occultish Horror and Endless War twists to the world, along with a bunch of adventure seeds to get you started playing quickly.

Whether an enthusiastic recruit, a jaded veteran, or a non-combatant on a special mission – it’s time to enter the grim and dangerous world of OneDice WW1.

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