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At the risk of a bit of stereotyping, I feel it’s fair to say the Irish have a history of understanding combat in all its brutality as well as glory. That’s why I figure promoting Laying Waste has a certain rightness for the day.

Besides, it’s 50% off, but only for a while longer yet. You should also check out the “hit list” of creatives involved in this monster of a project!

With 600 critical hit and fumble effects, Laying Waste presents a slick system to maximize the enjoyment of critical hits and fumbles in the Pathfinder RPG or any OGL d20 systems. This system replaces the standard critical hit and fumble rules, adding realism and balance to combat, while still being simple and elegant enough to use with ease.

Players and GM characters are actually rewarded for *all* of their threat rolls and for their level of skill with weapons! Critical hits will add a very fun element to the game now, rather than simply making combat go faster by doing huge amounts of damage. It is even possible to receive lasting wounds from particularly terrible fights, the sort of thing to show off over tavern ales and campsite fires.

The emphasis of this product is fun however, and not sheer destruction. While the possibility exists for horrific maiming and wicked injuries, clerics also have ways to treat such injuries and it will take a very honed and practiced sword hand to deal the most grievous of blows. Within the 166 pages are over 100 feats, 16 new martial archetypes and a plethora of optional combat rules to add to your games.

Some of the most creative (and twisted) people in RPGs are also great fiction writers, and they’ve contributed to Shotguns v. Cthulhu, a collection of action-oriented tales within Lovecraft’s famous mythos.

Pulse-pounding action meets cosmic horror in this exciting collection from the rising stars of the New Cthulhuiana. Steel your nerves, reach into your weapons locker, and tie tight your running shoes as humanity takes up arms against the monsters and gods of H. P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. Grab your pistols, your knives, your gearpunk grenades. Confront deep ones, mi-go, and flying polyps. Fight in the past, present and future, from the birth of the shotgun to the end of the world. Escape by car, carriage, and hot air balloon. Above all, remember to count your bullets…you may need the last one for yourself.

Relentlessly hurtling you into madness and danger are:

Larry DiTILLIO • Chad FIFER • A. Scott GLANCY
Kenneth HITE • Chris LACKEY • Robin D. LAWS
Nick MAMATAS • Ekaterina SEDIA • Kyla WARD

Many credit Christopher Eccleston for the resurgence of fandom excitement over the venerable Doctor Who franchise. His quirky, dark-yet-hopeful performance – though it only lasted for one season – established a new, different Who that continues to resonate with old fans while drawing in new. Now we have the RPG sourcebook dedicated to his 9th Doctor.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, this Sourcebook explores the Ninth Doctor’s adventures on Earth and beyond. With detailed information on all the allies, enemies, aliens and gadgets that he encounters, as well as examining each of his adventures, the book contains a wealth of material for the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space RPG, and is also a fact-packed resource for fans of the show!

The Last of his Kind, the Doctor returned to Earth, haunted by what he had done to end the Last Great Time War. Witness the Earth’s destruction as the sun expands, unmask aliens in the British government and dance with Rose Tyler and team up with Captain Jack to save the world. Discover the fate of the Daleks, prevent World War Three and uncover the secret of Bad Wolf!


If you’re a Fate fan, Magpie Games has a series of publications you’re going to want to check out. It’s called the Fate Codex, an e-zine they’ve used Patreon to get up-and-running, featuring quick-start adventures, Fate-oriented game content, and some great art as well. There’s six issues out so far.

Check out the first issue

  • Lenny Balsera’s take on Collaborative World Building, covering valuable techniques to help you create your game with your group, together.
  • Brian Engard’s new system for handling Ammo in Fate, giving you ways to make your world feel harder and realer through interesting and smooth ways of tracking ammunition.
  • Brie Sheldon’s cyberpunk short story, Life Locked, about a trio of criminals who may have gotten in over their heads.
  • Mark Diaz Truman’s quick start adventure, Silicon City, setting you up to play Archons, law enforcement officers granted extrajudicial powers, in a city run by code and corporations.

At first glance, this might look like a GM’s Pick, a supplement for Beyond the Wall; in fact, it’s very much intended as a collaborative product that empowers GM and players to collectively craft an ongoing campaign based on their initial “jump-right-in” adventures from that former product.

Just as Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures provides for an exciting evening of play with zero prep, Further Afield offers guidelines and rules to create and run an extended campaign in the same spirit. Now the players and gamemaster work together to create the myths, legends, and rumors of a unique setting. Included in this book are all the necessary tools to create your world, travel and explore within it, defeat great and terrible adversaries, and reap the rewards of adventures even further beyond the wall.

• Collaborative player-driven campaign creation for making your own shared sandbox.
• Threat Packs for dynamic villains and dangers affecting the world beyond the village.
• Helpful hints and systems for integrating new characters into existing groups.
• Rules for creating magical items through your crafts, deeds, or sorcerous powers.
• Four Threat Packs, including the Blighted Land and the Vengeful Wyrm.

Do you remember when they asked the question – “When will you rage?!”

Werewolf: the Forsaken 2nd Edition – Time to howl at the moon again…

You are a hunter now, one of the Uratha who inherit the blessings of Moon and Wolf. You conduct your sacred hunts in the shadows of the ordinary world, trying to maintain the boundaries. Driven by the need to hunt, you must keep the forces that would sway you in harmony rather than giving in to your instincts.

But the hunt isn’t easy. Your werewolves think they can hunt any prey, but they now face the return of the idigam — incomprehensible spirits of things that never existed, imprisoned at the dawn of time. Now they’re back, and they want to kill their jailers.

They hate you, and they’re coming for you. Time to show them that your senses — and your teeth — are as sharp as ever.

This book contains:

  • The complete guide to playing a werewolf in the World of Darkness.
  • Reimagined tribes, auspices, and spirit magic to create the ultimate predator and her pack.
  • A brand new look at werewolf hunting grounds around the world, from Basra to Tokyo.
  • Rules for the werewolves’ prey, and five examples of the idigam.

Everyone wants to play something different, especially when playing in yet another campaign featuring your favorite game system. For Pathfinder fans, Rite offers a chance to play one of six new playable PC races. If you get on it within the next 18+ hours (as of this posting), you get it for $2.99 instead of the regular $10.

This compilation of six evocative player races and racial paragon classes is sure to bring new and exciting encounters to your game. These new options include:

  • Gargoyles: Stonewardens of the night who have left behind the evil predations of their brethren, emanating fear that make your foes flee, while still allowing you to soar above it all.
  • Giants: From troll to storm giant, this race and paragon racial class allows to emulate the abilities of all the giants, you can even change your size so that it does not hinder you in tight places.
  • Ironborn: A race of constructed humanoids, providing custom designed trait packages that allow you to create the favored build of your choice without unbalancing the game.
  • Minotaur: Come embrace its mythological Greek roots while gaining the chance to play both a true master of the maze and a truly monstrous character with a decidedly foreign outlook.
  • Restless Souls: Why stop playing just because you dead, this player character template allows you to return from beyond the grave as a mournful spirit, a vengeful revenant, or a questing soul seeking to finish some work undone.
  • Wyrd: Unique groups of half-breeds that trace their lineage back to the Ogre Magi and the Elves, a heritage of arrogance and magic that allow them to emulate the abilities of both, so that no two wyrd are alike in abilities or in intent.

It’s Friday of the GM’s Day Celebration Sale on DriveThruRPG, and I’m using my space to promote my own today – Evil Beagle Games is all-in for the 30% off everything sale prices. That’s the whole line of Shaintar products we’ve published so far, folks, so if there’s anything you’re missing for epic high fantasy gaming in Savage Worlds, now’s a great time to grab it!


As we continue celebrating GM’s Day (which is, specifically, today – the day we also mark the passing of one of our great-godfathers, E. Gary Gygax), let’s take a look at a surprise hit coming out of the huge sale on DriveThruRPG – Far Away Land!

Welcome to the quirky and bizarre world of Far Away Land. This is a world where noknil clones are part of a hive mind, where clown plants hurl terrible jokes while stabbing their victims, where a cataclysmic event of the past has sewn together the various realms of creation to a forge a nexus point on a fantasy world known as Far Away Land.

Far Away Land is a rules-lite fantasy role-playing game that uses six-sided dice. It mixes fantasy, sci-fi, and apocalyptic elements to create an immersive and rich world full of history and adventure. It is easy to learn and a perfect game for new (young) gamers as well as veteran gamers. All of the Far Away Land books contain colorful artwork, humor, and rules that allow gamers and GMs to pick and choose the level of crunch they want in their game.

The Tome of Awesome contains everything from the Far Away Land Core Rules, Creatures Volume I, Companion Rules, and Tales of Awesome under a single cover.