On Place Names (System Neutral) – Sean’s Pick, 033115

One of the great things about game publishing these days is how open the market is now to well-thought-out projects that just make things easier on GMs and players alike. You can craft a useful product that helps folks make their games more fun, easier to run, and full of verisimilitude without having the up-front costs for print runs and having to get it through distributors and… ah, the Old Days.

Anyway, A Magical Medieval Society: On Place Names is another Expeditious Retreat Press gem that will help any Game Master or player who loves words and their meanings. Need a cool place for the heroes to investigate? Need a cool-sounding place to be from that feels real?

Bring the rich history of place names into your game! A Magical Medieval Society: On Place Names provides tips and tricks for GM interested in creating good place names for their campaign. Included is a 500+ word list providing detailed information regarding the historical naming of places in the UK. This powerful resource can be used as a guide for newly created words in a campaign language, or as a drop-and-roll resource providing limitless combinations right out of the gate.

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