The Sinking: Doom Golem Rising (PF) – Sean’s Pick, 032315

OK, wow. I remember when this series of modules first started. I was still working for DriveThruRPG at the time, and I was very impressed with the sheer scope of this thing, not just the quality and unique aspects of the campaign. 0one Games pulled together their map-making expertise with some fantastic setting creation and adventure design to craft their Great City urban adventure line (which also ties into their incredible Dungeon Under the Mountain series), and The Sinking series launched as a non-linear series of adventures that act as a backbone arc of stories to found a very long-running campaign upon.

Like a television series, The Sinking had a very successful first season, and now we come to the end of the second season with Doom Golem Rising, which also marks the series finale itself. For me, this a momentous event in gaming; I was there to promote and support their efforts right at the start, so it’s my pleasure to present this last episode with an encouragement to check out the entire product line from 0One.

The PCs delve back into the Dungeon under the Mountain into the fabled Panopticon. There they uncover one of the Malchort’s most deadly secrets, a colossal biomechanical death-machine in the shape of a great prehistoric beast known as a Doom Golem. The PCs must figure out how to reactivate the machine and return to the surface through the Sink. Emerging in the center of the Great City, they face off against the Trypus Academy’s own mecha-kaiju death-machine in an epic battle that threatens to smash the city to rubble

This adventure ends The Great City: The Sinking series. It can be played as part of the series, or as a stand-alone adventure. It was designed using the Pathfinder RPG System and intended to be played with a group of 11th-level Player Characters.

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  1. Rich Howard March 23, 2015 6:08 pm  Reply

    I’d never heard of this. Thanks for sharing. Will definitely be checking this out.

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